Mario, the blind man

One day, eight year-old Jonas did not have anything to do in the afternoon so he decided to go for a walk in the streets with no destination. He walked around a lot then decided to go home. He turned around and headed back home. He had walked a little bit when he saw a blind man with a cane looking lost. Feeling sorry for the man, he stopped and greeted him:

- Hello! Did you go for a walk like me?

- Are you talking to me, boy? - the man asked, raising his head.

- Yes! I thought you looked a bit lost!... Do you want me to take you somewhere? Maybe to your home? - Jonas said with a smile.

Surprised to hear a boy talking to him, which never happened, the man sighed while banging his cane at something he noticed to be a bench; he then settled down in relief and replied:

- You’re right, boy. I'm really lost. I left my house looking for a certain neighbourhood because a gentleman told me to go to his house so he could help me... However, I could not find the place. And now I do not even know where I am!

- I'm Jonas! And you, what's your name? - said the boy, sitting down.

- Mario. I do not usually leave the neighbourhood where I live because of my predicament. I have to go home. My wife worries when I'm late!...

Jonas touched his arm, as if giving him strength, and said:

- Do not worry, Mario. I can help you. I'm still young but I read very well. Tell me your address and I'll take you there. But first, let's stop by my house.

The blind man accepted the invitation. So Jonas took him to his house, which was not far away. When they arrived, Jonas’ mother was surprised that her son had brought a stranger home. Thus Jonas explained:

- Mom, my friend is lost and I'm going to take him to his house. But first, could you fix us a snack? We are hungry!

His mother understood the request and prepared two sandwiches and two glasses of juice, which the two consumed quickly. While they ate, the mother asked where Mario's house was to which he promptly explained.
The mother knew that area and gave her son the directions he should take.

Then she wanted toknow how Mario had gone blind:

- Madam, I had an illness in my eyes that took my vision away. At first I was desperate but one day someone read a book to me; The text said that, not infrequently, blindness comes because we have to go through it due to some evil we have done to someone in the past. So I never despaired again, knowing that God our Father knows what he's doing!

- Ah! Are you a Spiritist? - she asked surprised, recognising the text from the book "The Gospel According to Spiritism".

- I was not, madam. But listening to that text, I kept thinking about it and that night I prayed to God asking Him to show me if I had hurt someone.

The mother and Jonas were wide-eyed and excited to learn what had happened until the blind man said:

- Then that night I dreamed I had a brother and that we were always fighting. One day, full of hatred, I hit him in the eyes with a burning torch. I woke up crying a lot, remembering perfectly what I had dreamed.

Mother and son, moved, awaited the end of the story, which did not take long to happen:

- So I never complained about my blindness again. Today, I am pleased with it because when I think about being blind, I remember the brother that I hurt in the past.

- What a beautiful story, Mario! You show a peace and resignation that most people would not have.

- I know, madam. Sometimes, when I get angry at my blindness, I remember that dream I had and I calm down again. And this way, I go on with my life!...

As it was late, Jonas and his mother took their new friend home in her car. Arriving there, they saw a beautiful family: his wife and two small children.

After introducing his wife and children, Mario said:

- Beto, tell this lady what you dreamed the other day.

And the child did not miss a beat:

- You know, madam, I dreamed that my father had been blinded because of me and that I would have to help him when I grow up.

Mario wiped two tears down his face. Jonas and his mother, understanding the message, realised that that child was there to thank his father and help him with whatever he needed.

Jonas and his mother also realised that they would have been involved in that story somehow, since Jonas had been interested in Mario. When they arrived home, they prayed to Jesus for the help they had received, certain that they would now always be part of the life of Mario, the blind man.


(Psychographed by Célia X. de Camargo on 03/10/2016.)

Source: O Consolador - Weekly Magazine of Spiritism, Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier   Camargo,Year 10 - n° 502,February 5, 2017

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