The guardian angel

Marcus was disincarnated spirit.

But what does that mean? It means Marcus does not have a physical body anymore. He does not need the body, just as a piece of cloth that is not needed anymore. He then went to the spiritual world. 

Marcus, therefore, continued the same way as before: he felt alive, loved the family he left in Earth, his friends, his school and children’s plays.
He was doing really well in the spiritual world. He would accomplish the tasks which he was asked to do. He was doing so well he got a very important mission from his mentor, a very nice and beautiful auntie.
– Marcus, you will now become a guardian angel.
 He got so euphoric and said:
– Oh, really? That is so good!...
– You got this role with your dedication and good will, Marcus. You will now protect another boy and incentive him to do good things. You will also orientate him to avoid evil.

Marcus felt really happy. He loved the fact he was a protecting angel, with no wings or night-dress.
He then went together with his mentor to the boy’s house. They soon arrived at a small village. They got inside a small and peaceful house. They then saw an eight-year old boy at the kitchen sat at the table next to his parents and two younger brothers.
His mentor pointed out to the boy and said:
– This is the boy, Marcus. His name is Marcelo.
She then said good-bye to Marcus:
– Good luck, Marcus. Let God protect you! I will be back in a week’s time to know how you are getting on with your new task. If you need anything, please call me through your thoughts. I will be here immediately.

He was really excited with his new task. Marcus went to school together with Marcelo and thought:

– This is easy! Why would this be difficult?!...

On the way to school, Marcelo decides to climb a wall to steel an orange. If it wasn’t for Marcus, he would have broken his leg.

They soon met a group of boys on the way to school. Marcelo decided to put up a fight with them. If it wasn’t for the angel’s help, he would have been bitten by the other boy, who was much bigger than him. Marcus managed to suggest to their ears:

– Do not do this! Jesus does not like boys who fight. You could get hurt. Calm down!...

Marcus was able to get them apart from each other then.
At school, Marcelo was ready to play with the teacher by frightening her. He would be punished for sure, and if it wasn’t for the angel who suggested to him not to do that. 
Marcelo then got back home and put up a fight with his little brother. If it wasn’t for Marcus, he would be ‘beaten’ by his father. Later on that day, Marcelo decided to play football. Marcus went there with him, trying to protect the boy from any danger.

By the end of the day, Marcus managed to save frog from death, avoided Marcelo to cut himself with a knife from the kitchen and to get electrocuted.
Marcus then sat down and said, relieved:
– Thank God! Fortunately, we managed to finish the day without any serious damage, but I don’t know if I can handle another day like this!...

 He then saw his mentor approaching him. She was smiling and asked a question she seemed to know the answer already: 
– How was your day, Marcus?
– Oh! Auntie... I can not handle this. I am exhausted. This boy is terrible!
She then said calmly:
– Can you see how hard it is to be someone’s guardian angel? You have been misbehaved as well, remember? You have now learned you should not hurt people, animals, etc. But only time and learning made you change.
– Yes, it is true! – Marcus agreed. He remembers he was a misbehaved child.
– A lot of Patience, good will and determination is needed. People need to learn, but they will only change really with time. That is why the task of helping someone is so hard. We need to suggest them healthy ideas, incentive them to do good things, to piece, to work and to forgive. Nevertheless, they will only change their behaviour according to their own will, since we can not interfere on their lives. Got it?
– Yes, I got it.
– Do you want to give up on the task?
Marcus then thought and said, convicted:
– No. I will continue. Let God help me!...
                                                                  Aunt Celia

Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier Camargo - Portuguese  Spanish

O Consolador,  Weekly Magazine of Spiritism, Year 3 - N° 124 – September 13, 2009 


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