Story: Gospel at Home

Today was going to be a different day for Andre and Philip. Their mom was called Adriana; she decided to explain the importance of the Gospel at Home practice to her children:

- Did you know that our house has an alarm to protect us against robbery? In order to protect our home from the bad influence from spirits who want to inspire negative thoughts, as well as pay close attention to our thoughts and actions, we practice the Gospel at Home every week.

She also said this is the time when the family members unite together to pray and study Jesus’ teachings. The main purpose of these gatherings is to awake and strengthen sentiments of fellowship in the family and among our friends. It should be done at a chosen day and time during the week when as many members of the family as possible can be present. This day and time should be kept the same every week, because the spiritual benefactors also have a very busy schedule in the Spiritual World. Respecting this time and day also demonstrates our respect for the superior spirits who are in charge of helping us at that time.

- This is the day when Jesus comes to spend the night in our house! – Adriana added.

Andre found it really interesting to have such a special guest at home. He decided to take part at the gathering without complaining at all.

They began with a short spontaneous prayer. Their mom explained that the prayer helps the ambient and the people to become harmonized. We also ask for protection for our study, for the presence of the Spiritual Benefactors and help to assimilate the study.

The next step was to read a passage from The Gospel According To Spiritism, by Allan Kardec. Therefore, Adriana decided to use The Gospel According to Spiritism for Young Adults and Beginners *:

- We are going to read a passage from this book. – She explained.

The boys were quite interested in the parable, as they never heard it before. After they read the Gospel, brief commentaries were made about the reading, always seeking the essence of the teachings and applying then to daily life. They learned new lessons on this day.

The next step was to send good vibrations to the people who needed material or spiritual help. Their mom said to the children that to vibrate for someone is the same as sending good thoughts. She also said that our prayers can include thoughts for our planet, for the varying countries, for hospitals, for particular areas of need that week, any person in need of special help at the moment, world peace and fraternity amongst all men. Andre decided to pray for a colleague who was sick and Philip for a friend whose dad was now in jail. The mother sent good vibrations on behalf of a colleague from work that was going through a difficult time.

The meeting was closed with a prayer, during which they thanked for the teachings received. They also drank the water which was previously placed on the table during the study and then distributed after the closing prayer. This water contains good fluids for the family.

Adriana, little by little, managed to motivate Andre and Philip to participate at the Gospel at Home practice. She knew these moments of learning and love are very important for the spiritual education of her children.

* The Gospel According to Spiritism for Young Adults and Beginners Overview: Despite the many manners of interpreting Jesus’ teachings, which vary according to the different religions based on him, the moral taught by the Master of Galilee should not be a reason for disputes. Starting with this premise, Allan Kardec, the originator of Spiritism, with the help of the spirits that accompanied him in his work, analyzed the most important and some of the most controversial teachings of Jesus. In this manner The Gospel According to Spiritism, one of the most important works of the Spiritist philosophy, was born. Though initially written for the adult audience, after a brilliant adaptation by Laura Bergallo, it is now launched with the purpose of reaching a younger target audience.

Title: The Gospel According to Spiritism for Young Adults and Beginners

Author: Laura Bergallo

Pages: 171


The practice of the Gospel at home creates the beneficial habit of evangelical study within the home itself. The ultimate purpose of these gatherings is to awaken and strengthen sentiments of fellowship in the family and among our friends. It is a spiritual moment which benefits enormously the ones who take part on it, enabling an ambient of peace and tranquillity for the family.

It’s interesting to use children’s books with a moral message so the children who are present at the Gospel at Home can understand the message clearly.

Cláudia Schmidt

Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, Sir William Crookes Spiritist Society linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies.