Body the Divine Gift

Spiritist Education for Children and Youth Lesson Plan – SSI

Lesson Plan Overview
Date: 22/02/15
Time allowed: 30 min
Subject: Body the Divine Gift – part 1
Ages range: 4+
Objectives: To realise their body and the importance to keep it healthy
Vocabulary/concepts: Body, God’s gift, senses,
Lesson Plan
Opening prayer
any prayer and a song with the small ones
Gratitude time
Hot potato game
Story time
Activity 1
Age range:
10 min
Ask children to close their eyes, no picking!
Start making the noises and ask them what it is
1. Water sound
2. bird sound
3. traffic sound
Discovering smells and touch – ask what smells it it, what shape is it
1. soup
2. a fruit (apple or banana)
How are you able to identify the smell of apple and soap?
No tasting as children are not allowed to eat food during the kids gospel
What did they smell earlier on? Was it good or bad?
This activity will enable them to realize they were able to identify smells, sounds, objects through their senses.
Please mention this to them right after each child answers your questions
Activity 2
Age range:
5 min
 Discussion time
God gave us our material body as a gift. Please explain to them that we are spirits but we received our body as an instrument for our progress whilst we are here on Earth. How should we look after our physical body? We can look after it by taking a shower, trimming our nails, washing and combing our hair, brushing our teeth, doing exercises, eating fruit and vegetables, eating the right amount of food for our body. God gave each one of us the physical body we need to progress spiritually
Activity 3
Age range:
10 min
Draw your body on paper
Material: long roll of paper, colouring pen and scissors
Cut the length of each child, lay the paper on the floor and ask each child to also lay on it, the teacher, with a pen, start drawing the surrounds of each child. Ask them to draw their face, hand, feet, clothes.

Cleaning up
Clean up song
Final prayer
Final prayer