Life In The Beyond

Alfred was very sad. His friend and classmate Chad had died and he had been inconsolable since then.
He did not have the disposition to go to school anymore, nor go for a walk, cycling, anything, because he had always done those things with his friend Chad, who now would no longer be there with him to cheer up his days.

Very sad, Alfred would go to school, but could not find pleasure anymore in the activities he once did with Chad. Until one day Jane, his classmate, seeing him so upset, consoled him by saying:

- Alfred, there is no need to be so sad like that! Chad is not dead, he has just changed place!
- How so? Who told you this?... - he asked, surprised.
- It's true, Alfred! Death does not exist. We are immortal! The only thing that changes is the place: now we are here, then in the spirit world.
- How do you know? Who told you that, Jane? - the boy wanted to know, amazed.
She said she was from a Spiritist family and her parents explained to her about death, which is only of the physical body. The Spirit is immortal and will go to our True Life, to learn always!

- You mean no one dies?!... - Alfred asked, amazed at this news.
- That's right!
- Jane! I may see my friend Chad again?
- Of Course!
Alfred thanked Jane and returned home in a better mood. As he arrived, he asked his parents if they knew that death does not exist. They exchanged a look, and the mother said:
- What are you talking about, dear?
- It was Jane who told me, Mom.
And he explained to his parents what he had heard from his classmate, but his father responded:

- Son, do not believe in these things! This is all nonsense. But I'll find out more about it and then we will talk, okay?
Alfred agreed. However, in his heart, he could feel that his friend Chad could not have ceased to exist.
Some time later, Alfred was worriedly studying for a test which the subject he did not really understand well, when he "felt" someone by his side. He looked around and saw Chad there, close and smiling. He put a hand on his shoulder and said: 

- Alfred, do not worry! You will do great on the test. If you study the subject well, I promise to help you!
Seeing his friend, who was now in the spiritual world, the way he was before, with an outfit that he knew well, and speaking to him, Alfred was moved.
- Chad, is that really you?!...
- Of Course! Do you doubt it?

- No! I feel it's you and that you still are my friend, as always!
- Yes. The death of the body does not change anyone; we remain the same, only we learn more! I'm living with my grandmother Rosa and I am happy. Give my parents a hug for me. They believe I have died and that hinders our relationship.
Chad said goodbye and Alfred continued studying. The next day, at the time of test, Alfred was confident. But then he could not remember the answer to one of the questions. At that moment, he saw Chad, who told him:
- Remember the last page which has this text? Well at the end is the answer you need. Search your memory! And also, do not forget what I asked you, OK?
Alfred closed his eyes and, in his mind, opened the book on that page and remembered:
- I got it! - he cried out loudly, startling his classmates.
The teacher made a sign of silence, and he blushed with joy. He answered the question and handed it in. At the end, the teacher asked him why he had shouted and he replied:
- Teacher, I could not remember the answer to a question that I had studied. I did not know what to do, when I saw Chad next to me and he reminded me that the answer was at the end of the last page marked for the test! So I remembered what I had studied.

The teacher and the students were surprised at what Alfred said.
- And how is Chad? - she asked, showing that she understood what had happened.
- Very well! He is the same way, in the same clothes he liked, but appears to be lighter and more smiley.
In the afternoon, Alfred went to Chad's house, finding his parents sad and tearful. Then he told them all that had happened, including the test of that morning, concluding:
- Chad asked me to tell you that he is very well and lives with his grandmother Rosa. The fact that you do not believe in life after death complicates his relationship with you.
Moved and in tears, Chad's parents embraced him, filled with joy and hope.
- It is true that we did not believe in life after death, but with this message our son sent us, we cannot help but believe. Thank you, Alfred! It is life that you gave back to us with this news! May Jesus bless you always!
(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 02/11/2014.)
Translation- Johnny Silveira

Source: O Consolador -Weekly Magazine of Spiritism, Year 8 - N° 405 - March 15, 2015