Repaying violence with Love

One day William's mother was passing by her son's school and decided to pick him up. She approached the gate and stood in the shade of a tree waiting for him.

However, as soon as the boys began to leave happily and fooling around, she noticed that Afonso, one of the students, had a very angry expression. After passing through the gate, he stood in the street. Soon came another boy, Ricardo, who was all smiles and calmly talked and laughed with some friends.

And as Ricardo went through the gate, she noticed that Afonso clenched his fists and went towards him, full of anger, and getting close to him began to punch him in the head. 

The other kids started screaming, trying to separate them, but Afonso did not give up.

Ricardo already had a bloody nose and pleaded in tears:

- Afonso! Why are you hitting me? Why are you so angry? What have I done to you?

But the boy kept hitting him, saying:

- That's for you to learn not to want to look better than me! You think I didn't see it?

The teacher complimented you saying that your drawing was better than mine! You did it just to humiliate me before the whole class! ...

At that moment the teacher, who had been advised of the fight, came running and tried to separate the two students. However, grabbing them by the arms, she tried to separate them by force but could not.

William's mother, who was watching the scene, asked permission to talk to Afonso.

The tired teacher allowed it.

So Dora came to him who was still advancing on Ricardo and, after elevating her thought to Jesus asking for help, moved closer and wrapped Afonso with love, giving him a hug and at the same time, taking him from there.

Free of him, Ricardo was relieved and ran across the street, along with his friend William to see what would happen.

Dora, William's mother, embraced the boy, gently told him words of peace and love, calming him. She led Afonso to a bench and sat down with him, who now wept in her arms. She wiped his face, cradled him in her arms and whispered:

- Why are you so angry, Afonso? You've always been a good boy, that everyone likes! Calm down.

Take a deep breath, think of Jesus and you will soon feel better.

He shook his head and said:

- I do not know why I was so angry, Aunt Dora! Suddenly I saw Ricardo laughing and thought it was of me because our teacher said that his drawing was better than mine!

At that moment the teacher, already calmer, approached them, heard the conversation and explained:

- No, Afonso. What I said was that the best drawings of the class really were

Ricardo's and yours, which is excellent! You got it all wrong.

- So my drawing is good?
- Of course it is! You draw very well, Afonso. It is different from Ricardo's style, but both are great, the best in class! - she explained.

- Oh, so I'm happy! - Afonso said with a shy smile on his face, feeling calmer.

The teacher embraced him, and calling Ricardo had them make amends and hug.

Then she went away, satisfied with that outcome.

After the fight, the students left commenting about what had happened, and Dora and her son William left too.

On the way home, walking down the sidewalk, William broached the subject:

- Mom, how did you manage to calm Afonso down? He was so angry!...

His mother thought for a moment and replied:

- Honey, do you remember the lesson we read in the Gospel just last night?

- I do, Mom. Jesus said that his disciples should not repay violence with violence.

Instead, they should use kindness, the only weapon which extinguishes evil. Thus, treating everyone with love, we will not have problems or enemies!

The little mother smiled, satisfied:

- Well done, William! You learned the lesson well. We will never win if we use violence. Against anger, hatred, cruelty, we must always respond with love. Only then we can solve any situation.

The boy nodded his head in agreement:

- And that's what you did, Mom. Soon Afonso was calm and quiet ... I think my teacher also learned something with you today, Mom!

- Honey, what really matters is the good we do to others. Now everyone is in peace again. Thanks to Jesus, whom I begged help at that time.

William hugged his mother with much love and gratitude for her help with his friend Alfonso, who was so out of control, and commented:

- Thanks to Jesus Mom could help Afonso, who is a good boy but very angry. Maybe today he learned his lesson?


Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 22/06/2015.)
Translation: Johnny Silveira
Quelle: O Consolador- Weekly Magazine of Spiritism, Year 9 - N° 427 - August 16, 2015


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