Message received at FEB in Brasilia at the National Meeting in the Area of Childhood and Youth

On the border between the terrestrial crust and the spiritual plane a luminous soul could be seen moving between the centres of suffering and pain. Sheltering in her  loving heart Spirits who were disoriented, crazed, lost souls who roamed from one place to another, aimlessly, unaware of what was happening around them, for their  minds prisoner of bitter memories, dreadful events, kept holding them captive to the deplorable acts, that once, they had committed.

That bright presence received everyone with patience, calm and deep serenity. She held  their hands, hugged them, wiping their tears, whispering kind and gentle words to them, pointing them towards a new path.
The incessant work of this generous soul was seen, day and night, by all who passed through those regions, calling the attention of the Spirit  benefactors who understanding her high purpose, started to assist her.
As time went by, a silent and fearless caravan was formed, from those who dared to live among the moral misery, lifting their spirit, and giving help to all the suffering and mutilated Spirits.

The news of the existence of this humanitarian caravan soon spread throughout the vast realm of shadows, producing different reactions: hope and acceptance to those who sought spiritual protection, or rejection and persecution from those who were confused and hardened, who placed traps in the path of that team of love and goodness.
Nothing, however, could keep that unique group of workers from carrying out their loving work, and who increasingly were being joined by a greater number of Spirits who,  together, extended their loving hands to all their brothers and sisters in pain.
Who was that mysterious soul, who anonymously, gave herself, to the contineous work of goodness, and who would attract co-workers by the sheer  strength of her elevated sentiments? Who was that admirable woman who, wherever she went, new nucleous of assistance would be created devoted to the forgotten and to those lost in pain?
We had the opportunity of meeting her when we took part in a learning excursion helping to rescue brothers and sisters left in squalid areas.
The work was causing us problems, when she and her crew, calmly, joined our group, increasing considerably our forces, cooperating in various services, no matter how humble, rude or rough.
Surprised, we asked her:
- “Venerable sister, who are you who shows so much love to those who suffer?”
A subtle and gentle smile appeared briefly on her lips as she kindly, answered:
-“ I am nobody!!...”
- “How can this be?” – We asked surprised.
-"No one of importance."- she replied, quickly-"Just a soul that was lost and has now found its way towards goodness through the guidance of the Gospel."
Serenely, she continued her story.
- “A known criminal, I was reborn the result of a casual relationship. Abused continuously since I was little, I was later abandoned and became one of the children and young people living rough in the streets of the city. I lived amongst those called the human scum, forgotten by everyone and suffering unthinkable hardship.
When I was 12 years old, however, my life was transformed: Late one night, I took shelter under the marquee of a Spiritist Centre... The sun was high in the sky when I woke up scared, by the laughter and shouts of children, who were,  curiously  surrounding and pointing their fingers at me. At the very next moment, the crowd opened up and a Gospel teacher came close to me. She touched my face softly and smiled at me with affection.
At that moment I knew heaven! I was carried towards it by a simple gesture of affection, by a smile of acceptance and the welcome gesture shining in the  crystalline eyes of that young woman.
- ‘Come with’, she said softly. ‘You must be hungry!’
- I ate bread and margerine and drunk a little milk. Nectar of the Gods!
After feeding my body,  the young Gospel Teacher said to me:
- ‘Now, my new little friend, I will give you magic food, because you will never be hungry again: Jesus! Have you ever heard of him?”

Gospel Teachings!
Gospel Teachers!
May they All be Blessed!

Message received by Marta Antunes de Moura, at FEB, in Brasilia on the 16/07/2015, and shared at the National Meeting in the Area of Childhood and Youth