Willing to help

Seven year-old Lucy was visiting her grandfather Manuel who was ill, and when she saw him, she felt great pity. How could God, who is so good, have allowed her grandfather to suffer so much? - she wondered.

Seeing her in tears, her mother hugged her, sat with her on the sofa, and asked:

- Why are you so sad, honey?

The girl raised her eyes full of tears and said:

- How could I not to be sad, mom? My grandfather, who I love so much, is sick and suffering, and there is nothing I can do to change his situation!... Why does God, our Heavenly Father, let my grandfather suffer like this?...

Her mother hugged her even tighter, cradling her in her arms, then said:

- Darling, there are situations that we cannot avoid. We all have to go through problems in life, as part of the programming of our existence here on earth. Each one of us will face what we deserve, according to our inner change needs in order to become someone better, fuller of love for their fellow men.

- Ah! Does it mean that if one needs to suffer, it is better that their suffering is quick so they free themselves from the situation?! ...

The mother understood the train of thought of the child and explained:
- Honey, I understand what you're thinking but that's not how it works. If someone is suffering, we must always seek to ease their pain, and do not think it would be better to suffer quickly to get rid of the problem.

- Why not, Mom?

- Let’s think about it. If your dog Belo were sick, what would you do?

- I would take him to the vet, who would figure out what he has and would give him the remedy to cure it!

- And then?

- Then, when we returned home, I would take care of him to see him more lively and happy!

The mother smiled at her daughter's response and confirmed:

- You're right, Lucy. We have to take good care of our pets. But what if it were Fluffy, your kitten, who was sick? - the mother asked.

- Oh, I would do the same. I would take him to the vet, and then take care of him so he would be well soon!

- Perfect, Lucy. So why with Grandpa you want his suffering to be increased when we can relieve it?

The girl was thoughtful for a moment then answered:

- Oh, I don’t know, Mom. I thought that if Grandpa paid off his debt, he would be happier!

- No doubt. Paying off his debts, your grandfather would be happier, have more tranquility and peace in life. But we should't think that we must increase his suffering so he would settle his account with the Divine Justice. We should think: what means has God placed in my hands to help alleviate Grandpa’s suffering?

- Oh, I see, Mom! You mean that we must do everything to help Grandpa not to suffer much, right? 

- That's right, honey. If Grandpa has to go through difficulties, what can we do to help him not suffer so much?

The little girl thought and thought ... then she replied:

- We have to take care of him, help him eat, give him water, kindness, and when he wants to sleep, sing him to sleep... There's a song that Grandpa always sings to me at bedtime! Now, I'll sing it to him!

The mother agreed, giving her daughter a kiss.

Later, at bedtime, Lucy, who was close to Grandpa Manuel, saw that he was sleepy and began to sing the lullaby that she liked most. She pulled up a chair and climbing on it, got as high as Grandpa lying on the bed. And as she had seen her mother do, she lovingly held out her arms as if she was giving him healing and began to sing...

Soon her grandfather was asleep and they left the room so he could rest.

The next morning, upon waking up, little Lucy went to

Grandpa's room to see how he had spent the night, and Grandpa smiled, saying:

- Sweetheart, you helped me so much yesterday!

You sang to me, but more than sing, you gave me healing, and I slept well, as I hadn’t in a long time. Thank you! Grandpa is very well today thanks to you!...

The little girl went up on his chair again and gave her grandpa a big hug as she said:

- That’s great, Grandpa! So every night I will sing for you and give you healing!

Her mother, who had entered the room and heard the conversation, said to her father:

- Dad, you will make my daughter think that really helped... She's just a child and will get too proud!

The father looked at his daughter and replied, laughing:

- It is true! Lucy sang and gave me healing. Today I am without pain and slept very well!... Believe me, honey!...

The mother, surprised, looked at the little girl, who was wide-eyed and thanked her:

- Thank you, dear, for helping Grandpa. Jesus heard our prayers, helping us through you!...


(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 19/10/2015.)

Johnny Silveira

O Consolador

 Weekly Magazine of Spiritism
Year 9 - N° 456 - March 13, 2016


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