What are toys for?

Accompanying his mother as she went shopping, Julio talked nonstop. He was talking about school, his toys and what he would do later when they got home.

- Mommy, I want to play with my new little truck. I will take it to the yard and fill it with dirt.

- Do it, honey. And invite your friend Zeze. He'll love it! - She happily suggested.

The boy thought about it and answered: 

- I'd better not invite him, Mom. When he picks up a toy, he won’t let it go anymore!

- But he's your friend, Julio!

- Zeze is not careful with my toys, Mom. I rather play alone.

The mother was surprised with her son's attitude, but accepted it:

- All right, dear. If you want it this way...

- I do, Mom. I prefer to play alone.

When they returned home from shopping, Julio went to play in the yard. His mother was surprised that he wanted to be alone. After all, what fun is playing without friends? But because he had chosen it, she kept her silence.

The next day, the same thing happened again. Julio wanted to play alone. And on the following days as well. That behaviour began to bother his mother, who was used to seeing the child always with the neighbours or schoolmates.

After a week, the mother noticed her son sad and discouraged, and asked him:

- Did something happen, Julio? You do not look well, you are sad, upset...

The boy, who was by the living room window looking at the street, said:

- No one wants to play with me, Mom!…

She approached him, hugged him and looked out the window. On the street there was a group of boys who were playing ball and laughing a lot. They were sweaty, dirty, but were happy to be together.

- You see, Mom? They are happily playing ball. I'm the only one not with them!  - Julio said in tears.

She looked at the group who played ball in the street, and recalled:

- Julio, but it was you who wanted so ...

Remember you did not want anyone messing with your toys?

- Oh, Mom, it's true. But not only they would get my toys dirty, they would also break them!

Her eyes widened, showing surprise:

- But what are toys for if not to play? Look how happy they are! Go play ball with them, dear.

The boy, who was itching to play, obeyed his mother's order and went to the street:

- May I play too? - he asked.

- Of course, Julio! The team on the other side is missing a player! Join their side!

The team that had one player less received him with joy. It was the team of his friend Zeze, who shouted:

- That's right, Julio! Come running!... Now we're going to win, guys!

Happy, he looked at his mother who had been at the door, and ran to the other side, where he would play. Soon the ball was passed to him and he kicked it to the player closer to the goal, then he ran forward and as the ball came to him again he gave it a nice kick and saw the ball go in, then shouted:


Everyone ran to embrace Julio, who had helped tie the game.

Excited, he gave his best in the game. He scored another goal and was very happy! When the game ended, the team took him on their shoulders to celebrate. Julio had changed the outcome of the game and his friends were happy.

Then, when he saw the ball very dirty, he said:

- Look at this ball! All dirty!

- Nonsense! It is easy to solve it. Just wash it! - Zeze said, shrugging.

Then Zeze went to a tap by the street and washed the ball, which looked like new again, and showed it to Julio:

- Do you see? Balls and toys were made to play! Otherwise, they are no fun!

Julio smiled satisfied:

- That’s true! You're absolutely right, Zeze!

Then Julio invited his friends to go to his house. As they had no school that day, they accepted. Julio went into the house with them, and hearing the noise, his mother came from the kitchen wiping her hands, and he said:

- Mom, we won the game! I invited my friends to play here at home! Is it not true that I have a lot of brand new toys? After all, what are toys for, if not to play, right?

Julio exchanged a look with his mother and smiled with satisfaction. He was happy!

Seeing her happy son, she said:

- Play at will. In the meantime, I'll pop some popcorn! I already have a cake and soon we will have a very tasty snack for you to celebrate!


(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 06/04/2015.)

Translation: Johnny Silveira

Quelle: O Consolador - Weekly Magazine of Spiritism, Year 9 - N° 454 - February 28, 2016


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