Practice of Spiritism

Plunging the mind into deepness of the lessons of the Spiritist Doctrine, humankind lights up and discover the treasures it sought, in order to enrich itself of knowledge and beauty, realizing a human experience characterized by ethical-moral relevance, which emphasizes the superior content absorbed.

Despite the excellence of the spiritist information, these impose as its purpose the intimate transformation of the creature, which must adopt a conduct based on its teachings, thanks to which result in the immediate moral improvement, emotional renewal and its subsequent application in social behaviour.

Without proper use of intellectual resources that spell out the unknowns of bodily existence, all this achievement is no more than meaningless adornment, which does not contribute significantly to the real happiness of the individual.
Knowledge bequests responsibility and it triggers the mechanisms of fraternal obligations, and urges positive action, which effects humanity will enjoyed in peace and plenitude.

The Spiritist practice is expressed through the incorporation of its teachings to daily activity, demonstrated by the change to a better character, with its healthy effects on the welfare of the social group in which the individual moves.

Exuding serenity that stems from its affinity to the law of cause and effect, this change shouts out, but without any words, to all those around, a corresponding attitude, overcoming the harmful reactions that result from their ignorance.

By extension, these actions reach towards others, contributing to the lessening of their troubles, giving them visible effects, while remounting the roots of their woes in order to eradicate them.

The practice of Spiritism provides the construction of a new society in which selfishness gives way to solidarity and injustice allows the action of the human rights ethics, providing equally to all the use and enjoyment of the blessings that God's love provides.

Then as a result, there comes the inevitable change in the legal codes and statutes with content consistent with love, taking the place of arbitrary laws still existing in several organizations and nations of the earth.

The practice of Spiritism lights up stars of hope in leaden skies of today, and points the direction of solidarity to all who find themselves imprisoned by individualism and the crazy ambitions of the sick self.

There's an immense field to winnow.

The barren land of the hearts, abused and abandoned, awaits the technology of love to flourish, and this concentrated effort is left for the spiritist practice of those who have been enlightened with knowledge.

All spiritual teachings encourage the action of good and the moral renewal of man, however, only Spiritism gives them a demonstration of survival of the soul by means of dignified mediumship.

Use of this immense body of facts for a healthy practice, placed in the day-to- day, is the commitment taken by the intelligent man who, having a clear mind, sweetens the heart and becomes a lover of goodness, truth and legitimate charity.

Author: Joanna de Angelis -- Psychographic by the medium Divaldo Franco


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