Forgetting the Past

Orson Peter Carrara

(reproduced from The Spiritist Information Service, March/April 2003 - # 39 and dowloaded from the website of The Spiritist Society of Baltimore with the kind permission from the author)

If we are all reincarnated, why don’t we remember our past existences? This remains an intriguing question, one that casts long doubts for many people. 

Forgetfulness of our past, —that is, our previous lives— indicates God’s wisdom.
Remembrances of episodes occurred in past lives would bring many inconveniences, not the least of them the following: a) a great humiliation due to unpleasant memories of our many moral missteps, especially if it involved third parties; b) the exaltation of our pride and self-importance due to high positions we might have occupied; c) damage to our social relations because by remembering our actions, we would certainly also remember actions of our path towards bliss and progress; and e) hate and vengeance that could undermine relationships and incite new aggravations.

 On the other hand, among the plentiful advantages of forgetting our past —and we repeat, all fruit of the Divine Wisdom— we can find: a) opportunities for new beginnings without disturbing remembrances; b) that the progress we reached so far will allow us to take steps for new advancements; c) reconciliation with old foes without the embarrassment of remembrances that could impede it; d) the overcoming of past traumas in renewed circumstances; e) new experiences and learning without the hindrance of a past that could interfere; f) and the acquisition of new experiences without any links with the past. 

Those who do not know the process allege that forgetfulness would be an impediment for the rebuilt of our path, when in reality this “erasing of memories” brings true blessings. God benefits us with forgetfulness casting a veil so to say in our memory to prevent errors and equivocations from our past to turn into chains or weights that would impede us from building or rebuilding our own happiness.

However, if we still intend to find out what we were or what we did before our present life, it will suffice to observe attentively our tendencies, abilities, moral shortfalls, as well as ties that bond us to certain people, to get a sense of our conduct and behavior in previous lives. This close analysis will allow us to correct the direction of our current path. 

To know more, dear reader, try to further read and reflect on questions 392 to 399 of “The Spirits’ Book” by Allan Kardec. The issue surely is gripping, nevertheless the Spiritist Doctrine recommends discernment  and avoidance of unnecessary curiosity. The essential point, in the end, is to adopt a good conduct now in order to construct a better future for later.