Jesus, my closest friend

First: Welcome the children into the session. Say how happy we are to see them and how important they are for the class. Explain we will follow the letters of the alphabet in order to choose the volunteer for the opening prayer. So, the child’s name that starts with the letter A will do the opening prayer this time. Everybody will have the chance to collaborate as the weeks passed by.

After that, the Spiritist worker will introduce the “Raffle Box of Prayers”. In your turn, each child will open the box, choose one prayer and read it loudly for whole class. We will do it until all the kids have their chance to choose and read a prayer.

When the activity with the “Raffle box of Prayers” finishes the volunteer will collect the booklet “The Lord’s Prayer” with the children who was responsible in the previous week.

The volunteer can make up a few questions, such as:
 What did you most like in this prayer;
 What could you learn during the week with the prayer and others

The child can also read the prayer for his/hers colleagues. Another child will be able to choose himself/herself to take the booklet home and bring next week, at the end of this activity.

The Lord’s Prayer booklet

P.S. At the end of the class the parents will be informed and also asked about their availability to bring the booklet next week.

Extra Activity: Reading Time
Spiritist Books will be placed on the table for the children. The children would be invited to share, to read and say what they see when they are reading.

Second: Story
Jesus picked out 12 Disciples 
Have you ever needed a helper? (Wait for answers.)
How did you choose who you would get as a helper? (Wait for answers.)
Today we will learn that Jesus also asked for help.
Jesus had already started preaching to the people when he decided that it was already time for choosing His Disciples.

Hey! What’s a “disciple” anyway? Disciples are “learners” and “helpers.” Some of them were fishermen and worked every day by a big lake in their boats. One of them was named Simon, who had a brother named Andrew. There were also two brothers named James and John.
One day, Jesus was teaching the crowds of people down by the lake. There were so many people that they almost crowded Him into the water. So, Jesus hopped in Simon’s boat and asked him to push back from the edge of the land a little. From there it was easier for Jesus to talk to the crowds. Jesus finished his preaching and then started talking to Simon and his brother. He told them: “Come, follow me”!

Matthew was a tax collector. He collected taxes outside the city of Capernaum. People who came by him had to pay taxes for average items they traded.
At this time, Jesus was picking them as His first disciples and told them that from now on they would be fishers of men (like a little play on words… but Jesus meant it.) He didn’t mean that they would try and catch men like fish, but that they would be like Jesus, telling people all around how God loves us and cares for us.

Jesus chose His disciples to be His helpers and also to learn all of the things He was to teach them about God, the Father. What an exciting thing to be chosen by Jesus to follow Him! The men left their nets and followed Jesus!!

Extra ideas:
The volunteer can bring some objects to tell the story.

Third: Jesus fishing Game

(There will be a picture of the 12 disciples of Jesus, instead of fishes, plus 4 more body. The name of the disciple will be written behind each picture.
The children should now go fishing!
So, each child at his/her turn should try to fish one disciple.
They should say the name of the disciple after they get one, and stick it in a big board called:
Jesus’s friends.
The volunteer will ask how many disciples we have at the end. (there should have the 12+quantity of the children)
Ask: why do we have more disciples?
Ask: how many extras do we have on the board?
Ask them why.
The children should understand that it is because the number of children has been added up
(the children in the class)
So, each one will draw his/her self and set together with the disciples of Jesus.

Fourth: Video Jesus, Bible Story for Kids
From 31:10 to 34:54

Extra Activity: Becoming Jesus' disciple

The volunteer will bring pictures from all Jesus' disciples to the children printed on a foldable paper. They will have to cut and fold these pictures in order to form a small booklet that they will take home. The children will also have to write the disciples’ names by filling the missing gaps and draw themselves on the blank space, to give the idea that they can become one of Jesus' disciples themselves. When finished, the volunteer will discuss with them how they think they can become one of Jesus' disciples. The volunteer can help them realise that by being good to one another and by following Jesus teachings they will be great disciples.

Fifth: The Little Spirit's Book - For young adults and beginners

The volunteer will discuss the question number 6 of the book mentioned before.

Kardec's question: How did God created the universe?
Spirit's answer: To borrow a well-known expression by the divine will. Nothing can be better exemplify that all-powerful will than those grand words from Genesis: 'God said, 'Let there be light, and there was light'.

The volunteer will show the children a video that discusses how the universe was created.

Video: Scientists: without God the existence of the universe is impossible
until: 3:36min

Sixth: Prayer Activity:
The children will prepare one more The Lord’s Prayer Booklet.

Seventh: Healing Theatre
The children should show how to behave during the healing and prayer time.
The volunteer will bring a tray in order to introduce the education process after the healing:

“taking the first cup of the tray”.
At the end, every child would receive one stick.

Eighth: Closing prayer

Class suggested being suitable for: 1st Cycle (7 to 8 years old).

Spiritist volunteer: Juana Castro, London, linked to The Spiritist Psychological Society.

Suggested activity to be given as Homework:


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