Rust In The Soul

Theme: forgiveness

One day Vera arrived home full of anger and complained to her mother:

- I can't stand Carla anymore, Mom! She won't accept any of the ideas for the things I want to do. If I want to jump rope, she wants to play house; if I want to play with dolls, she wants to ride a bike. That's it! I will not play with her anymore!

Trying to calm her down, her mother recalled:

- But you were always such good friends, Vera! Find out what's happening to her. Be patient, dear.

- No, mom, enough is enough! I won't speak to Carla anymore. I will never forgive her!

Her mother realized that, at that time, it was useless to say anything; her daughter was aggravated. She just embraced her with love, to make her calmer.

A few days passed. Vera and Carla continued not speaking. One day, Carla went to her friend's house and knocked on the door. Vera's mother came to the door and was glad to see Carla:

- That's great, Carla! Come in, I'll call Vera – she said leaving the room to tell her daughter that she had a visitor.

The girl came running. But, when she saw it was Carla, she became red with anger and shouted:

- Get out of my house. I do not want to see you. I'm mad at you.

Carla was startled before that reaction which she did not expect, and ran crying and screaming she would never return there.

The mother looked at her daughter with a look of sadness and said:

- I hope you know what you're doing, honey. You just lost a friendship because of pride.
Vera went to her room, sad. For many days, she could not forgive herself for what she had done to her friend.

One day, seeing that her daughter was suffering a lot, her mother took her to the yard and showed her the new bike she no longer used.
- Look, honey! Your bike is starting to get rusty!

- What is rust, Mom?

The mother explained that rust is a substance that corrodes iron, ruining it. And that it was happening
because she was not paying attention to her bike, she did not washed it or went out with it. Vera had abandoned it!

Concerned because she liked the bike, Vera asked:

- And how do I get rid of the rust, Mom?

- You need to thoroughly clean the bike, then wash it and wipe it carefully. Then use a product that fights rust.

Vera, with her mind made up, took a small bowl with water, a bar of soap and a sponge. Then she began to clean her bike. When she finished, the bike had another appearance, looking much prettier. Satisfied, the girl asked her mother for the product against rust, which the mother brought over and advised her daughter on how to apply.

Thus, Vera dampened a clean cloth with the liquid and applied it all over the bike, especially where the rust had attacked most. Once she was finished, the bike was beautiful and shining! Satisfied, Vera looked at her mother, who smiled:

- Your bike really looks like new, dear. You did a beautiful job!

Vera sat on a stool and stared at the bike. The mother, seizing the moment, explained:

- Vera, did you know that rust also attacks the soul?

The girl looked at her mother, who continued:

- Yes, honey! When we allow negative feelings to dominate our hearts and minds, it is like rust in the soul! Lack of forgiveness is one of them and it attacks our heart eroding our willingness.

Vera thought for a moment, understanding what her mother meant, and asked:

- And what is the product that cleans the rust of the soul, Mom?

- It is LOVE, dear. Only love can change our feelings. Through understanding, forgiveness, generosity, it removes the rust of our souls, helping us to shine again.

The daughter showed that she understood. Then she told her mother she was going to the house of her friend Carla. Touched, the mother hugged her daughter, agreeing:

- I think you should really go visit her, Vera.

The girl ran to Carla's house, who lived close by. She came to the door and, seeing

Vera, smiled with satisfaction. Vera asked:

- Carla, will you forgive me for what I did to you? I did not know what I was doing to myself! Do you want to be my friend?

Surprise, Carla replied:

- Of course I want to be your friend. Incidentally, I never stopped being. It was you who turned away from me. But what happened that made you change your mind, Vera?

- Ah! I found out that it was not only my bike that was rusty; I also had rust in my soul! But later on I will tell you everything! Now, let's play?

- Sure, Vera! Yes, let's play! What do you want to play?

- You can choose, Carla! I don't mind.

- Ah! You really changed! And what is this "rust in the soul"? Never heard of it!

- That's when bitterness takes hold of our hearts and we stop to love others.

And so, happily chatting, they decided to take a bike ride around the block. Both were happy and their friendship resumed to shine inside them.


(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 16/06/2014.)
Translation : Johnny Silveira

Fount : O Consolador – Weekly Magazine of Spiritism, Year 8 n° 376- August 17,

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