Humbleness for Kindergarten

First: Welcome the children into the session. Say how happy we are to see them and how important they are  for the class. Explain we will follow the letters of the alphabet in order to choose the volunteer for the opening  prayer. So, the child’s name that starts with the letter A will do the opening prayer this time. Everybody will  have the chance to collaborate as the weeks pass by.

After that, the Spiritist worker will introduce the “Raffle Box of Prayers”. In your turn, each child will open the box, choose one prayer and read it loudly for whole class. We will do it until all the kids have their chance to

When the activity with the “Raffle box of Prayers” finishes the volunteer will collect the booklet “The Lord’s  Prayer” with the children who was responsible in the previous week.

The volunteer can make up a few questions, such as:

  • What did you most like in this prayer;
  • What could you learn during the week with the prayer and others
The child can also read the prayer for his/hers colleagues. Another child will be able to choose himself/herself to  take the booklet home and bring next week, at the end of this activity.

The Lord’s Prayer booklet

P.S. At the end of the class the parents will be informed and also asked about their availability to bring the booklet next week.

The group would be divided into 2 small groups

Second: Story – Fable of the Red fish

Once upon a time there was a group of fish who used to live where their food was located. The food was the  larvae found in the water and what was brought by the rain.

All the fish were very proud to live in there and certain that it was the only place to live in the entire world.

Therefore, they gathered all together and named the big fat fish as the King of their world.
A little red fish also lived in there. Everyone used to laugh at him because he was the smallest fish in the whole lake! Poor little thing, he was always looking for food, but the other big fish never shared their food with him.

Actually, they used to eat all the food they could find.

So, the little fish had to learn about simplicity, because he wasn’t able to find food every day. Therefore, he always ate only what was necessary for him.

However, the little small red fish had an idea. He started to study about the lake to know every little corner of that place and also to understand the natural laws. So, he could acquire more knowledge and then have more opportunities to find food!

He realised that the rain, which brought rests of food for them, wasn’t constantly. So, one day they might not have anything to eat at all. That could be a disaster!

The little red fish also started to look around the lake. Perhaps, he could find a gully or drain.

Wahoo! What could it be? He thought.

He was so excited that he had found that drain. He planned to see what happened in the other side of the lake.

He thought: “How amazing life outside this lake must be!”

 The little red fish went there again and put a lot of effort to pass through the drain, although he lost many of his fish’s scale. However, he did not worry about it at all.

The little fish passed through the drain and he found another lake! But this one was much bigger with many different types of fish and food. He was very pleased to find all this beauty that he couldn’t believe on his eyes!

The little red fish started to think that if we have this beautiful lake someone might have created other beauty around as well.  As the little fish was accustomed to eat only what was necessary he could swim a lot and continue to explore this new and amazing place! Then, suddenly he found himself in a huge and light blue ocean.

He started to chat with other fish; he saw many food and beautiful nature that he had never seen before! The older fish also were very friendly advising him about many inconveniences he could experience there.

That didn’t take too long to happen! The little red fish found a huge whale next to him, for the first time. He was so excited with the size of the whale that he got closer, closer and ….  He was swallowed by it, with the other fish. That was her first meal of the day.

Poor little thing! He was inside of the whale and didn’t know what to do! However, he remembered his parents who taught him to pray every time. So, the little red fish knew if his prayer was made with sincerity and from the heart Jesus would hear.

Meanwhile, the whale began to sob and threw up, and he went back to the ocean. He knew his prayer was heard and he was very grateful for Jesus and the Benefactors; however, much more cautious in the big ocean.

The little red fish was really happy! He now lives in the Coral Palace, where he had many friends who like to study and help others like him! But one day he knew that only the fishes that live in the ocean would have more change to survive because little lakes could all dry. At this time he remembered of the fish from the little lake…

He felt great compassion of those who had lived with him in childhood and decided to go back.

He put himself on their shoes. He would be the one who could help them. So, he decided to swim back to the little lake. He went all the way back: the ocean, the big lake until he reached the drain and then the little lake.

All the other fishes recognized him as soon as he arrived, so he started to tell them about everything he found and learnt about the amazing world outside the little lake. But the other fishes were so proud that they neither wanted to listen nor to believe him.

But the little fish decided to tell them the truth, so he went to the King of the Fishes who gave him a minute of his attention.

“Please King of the Fishes we need to tell everyone what can happen here. We have a beautiful world expecting all of us!”

The King of the Fishes decided to prepare a big meeting with all the other fishes of the lake.

Then all the fishes gathered there to listen to the little red fish’s explanation. He talked about the ocean where he lives, he said that the lake could dry; he also told them about the drain.

“We all can leave and go to the ocean. You just need to learn that humbleness and simplicity starts from the quantity of food you have! I can help you all; I know how to get there.”

Unfortunately, the fishes didn’t believe him and actually started to laugh at him again.

“You are crazy! Stop eating? Never!” said one

“The lake can dry” – he said, and the others laughed loudly at him.

The little fish was so sad because no one believed him. So, he decided to go back to the big ocean.

One day he heard that all the little lakes dried and the fishes were left with no food; so many of them died!

So, the little red fish made a very deep heartfelt prayer to Jesus asking him to help his brothers and sisters who hadn’t learnt humbleness yet.

Extra ideas:

The volunteer will bring some pictures of Jesus that can be used during the story

Story adapted from the original

Third - Activity: prepare fish.

All the kids should stick their own fish in a big poster on the wall afterwards.
The volunteer will emphasize that we all can be a helper of Jesus, just as the little red fish.

Fourth: Video

Fifth: Reading Time: 

Spiritist Books will be placed on the table for the children. The children would be invited to share, to read and say what they see when they are reading.

Extra Activity - Activity: Flower Sharing 

The volunteer will bring one origami flower for each child. Every flower will have a name written at the back, so the child will take one flower, check the name and give it to the respective colleague.
Get whole group back together

Sixth: Prayer Activity

Make a circle with all the children. We will use the same poster that was used last week – make a prayer for each one of the figures (animals, Jesus – for example). Each child will stand up and take one prayer, read it and then stick in the poster near the figure that is related to it.

My dear God thank you for all the animals you had created to help us.
My dear God who created all the animals, I would like to thank you for them.

My Dear God, thank you for the beautiful nature that surrounds us. The trees, butterfly, the flowers and the birds it sings.
God I want to thank you for the sun that bright our day and the moons that make the nights so beautiful!

People in hospital:
My dear Jesus, please help the people in hospital who are in need. Bless them all.

People on a street:
Dear friend Jesus please teaches me how to be kind and helpful with everyone who needs.

My Family:
God my Father, I am very grateful for the family you gave to me. I will take care of all of them!
My dear Jesus help me t learn patience and then be more kind with my parents.

Jesus, my dear friend, thank you for all the blessings and lovely teachings. I love you so much!
My dear friend Jesus who loves us so much. Teaches me how to be respectful with my friends.  

My friends:
God my father thank you for my dear friends who I love so much. 

Planet Earth:
God thank you the wonderful planet you created for us to live. 
We will all learn how to help one another and also the planet where we live.

God, thank you very much for the house we have and so many people doesn’t have one.
Bless where we live and all my family Jesus.

Seventh: Healing Theatre

The children should show how to behave during the healing and prayer time.
The volunteer will bring a tray in order to introduce the education process after the healing: “taking the first cup of the tray”. At the end each child will receive one green tick stick.

Eighth: Closing prayer: The volunteer will do the closing prayer and ask that all the kids to repeat after he/she.

Class suggested being suitable for: Kindergarten (5 to 6 years old)

Spiritist volunteer: Juana Castro, London, linked to The Spiritist Psychological Society.

Suggested activity to be given as Homework:

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