Spiritist Education for Children and Youth

There once was a luminous soul, walking around in midst of places full of suffering and pain, in the between the earth and the spiritual plane. She embraced, in her loving heart, Spirits who were disoriented and lost, wondering from one place to another. They were completely oblivious to what was happening around them, since their minds were trapped to bitter memories; being captive to their own unfortunate acts, which were committed previously.

That enlightened Spirit welcomed everyone with patience, calmness and deep serenity.

She stretched her hands, hugged them, wiped their tears, whispered kind words to each one and showed them a new pathway.

The incessant work of this generous soul was seen, day and night, by those who passed through those regions. Her actions drew the attention of Spirit Benefactors who came to help her, as they understood her elevated actions. 

As time went by, they formed a silent caravan that dared to live with moral misery; raising the spirits of those who suffered.

News about the existence of this humanitarian convoy soon spread through the vast areas of the shadows, producing different reactions: hope and acceptance from those who seek spiritual protection; or rejection and persecution from those spirits who were disoriented and hardened. Those were the ones who placed traps on the path of this loving team.

But nothing would move that group away from performing good actions. There were more and more Spirits coming to join and extend their loving hands to the brothers and sisters in distress.

Who was that person who dedicated herself anonymously to the incessant work of good, attracting workers by the force of her elevated feelings? Who was this woman who was so eager to assist those who were forgotten and lost in pain?

We had the opportunity to meet her in person when we participated in a tour for learning and for the rescue of brothers who were kept in unhealthy regions.

We were going through some difficulties related to the task, when this lady and her team joined us. They cooperated in different projects with us, even the most humble and rude.

We asked:

- "Venerable sister, who are you who shows so much love to those who suffer?"

She smiled and told us, with kindness:

- "I am no one!! ..."

- "How?" - We asked, feeling quite surprised.

- "I am no one important." – She quickly answered - "I am just a soul that was lost and helped by spiritist education.”
She proceeded telling us her story, with serenity.
- "I was a criminal who was reborn from the back of a fortuitous relationship. I was continually assaulted since my early childhood. I was abandoned and turned into a child and teenager who lived in the streets. I lived among the so-called human scum, oblivious to everyone and going through unimaginable hardship.
But my life turned upside down when I was 12 years old: I saw a spiritist centre where I decided to sleep under the canopies late at night... I woke up on the next day feeling frightened, hearing laughter and children screaming, surrounding me. They were pointing at me, feeling curious. The group suddenly spread and a spiritist volunteer approached me. She touched me affectionately in the face and smiled. I felt as if I was in heaven at that time! I was carried away by her affection, her smile of acceptance and for the welcoming that shone from her eyes.

- 'Come with me', she told me quietly. 'You must be hungry!'.

I ate bread with butter and a little bit of milk. It was a meal of the gods!

The young spiritist volunteer told me, once the body was fed:

- 'Now, my new little friend, I will give you a food that is magical; you will never feel hunger again: Jesus! Have you heard of him? "

Spiritist Education!

Spiritist Volunteers!

Bless them all!


Psychophonic message received from the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, in a mediumship meeting on 16th July 2015, by Marta Antunes de Moura

Translated by Carolina von Scharten