Ways to Love Each Other for Kindergarten

Class suggested being suitable for: Kindergarten (5 to 6 years old) 

First: Welcome the children into the session. Say how happy we are to see them and how important they are for the class. Explain we will follow the letters of the alphabet in order to choose the volunteer for the opening prayer. So, the child’s name that starts with the letter A will do the opening prayer this time. Everybody will have the chance to collaborate as the weeks passed by.  ...>>

After that, the Spiritist worker will introduce the “Raffle Box of Prayers”. In your turn, each child will open the box, choose one prayer and read it loudly for whole class. We will do it until all the kids have their chance to choose and read a prayer.

When the activity with the “Raffle box of Prayers” finishes the volunteer will collect the booklet “The Lord’s Prayer” with the children who was responsible in the previous week.

The volunteer can make up a few questions, such as:
What did you most like in this prayer;
What could you learn during the week with the prayer and others

The child can also read the prayer for his/hers colleagues. Another child will be able to choose himself/herself to take the booklet home and bring next week, at the end of this activity.

The Lord’s Prayer booklet 

P.S. At the end of the class the parents will be informed and also asked about their availability to bring the booklet next week. 
Second: The volunteer will discuss with the children about the prayer “Prayer for my friend who is ill” from the book LEARNING HOW TO PRAY – A BOOK OF PRAYERS FOR CHILDREN by Elsa Rossi. Each one will also receive a copy of the prayer. 
Prayer of Gratitude 
Dear Jesus, yesterday I prayed to God, who is our Father, to help my Dad feel less sad. 
God listened to my prayer because today he came home from work smiling and happy. 
I know that God helped him because he found a better job and he won’t have to worry so much about bills. 
When you talk to your Dad, Dear Jesus, give him a hug for me. 
Thank you Jesus! 
Third: Story Time - The volunteer will tell them the Story called: The runaway squirrel 
In a clearing in the forest, lived a family of squirrels that lived in peace and harmony. The small family was made up of the father Squirrel, mother Squirrel and a couple of very obedient kids. They all respected each other, because among them there was love 

They usually used to listen to Jesus teachings and they always try to learn how to apply it with the family members. 
Every day and night they pray to Jesus and God in order to thank them for the wonderful family they have. 

So, each one know their duty at home such as the father Squirrel left to provide for their family, meanwhile mother Squirrel stayed at home taking care of the kids and chores. Also the kids have to clean their room and help mummy out! 

One day, mother Squirrel found out she would be a mother once again. Everybody got really happy because they knew it were a present from God for them! 

After a little while, the family increased. It was a beautiful baby! The baby was growing up fast, but most of the time he didn’t want to listen to mummy, dad or brothers. Sometimes, he used to yell and cried a lot in order to have what he wants. 

The small family started to make all his wishes. But not all could be done! And each time his mother reprimanded him, he would get rebellious and unhappy. 

I want it know. Said the little baby 
My dear son, you will have later, right? 
No, no, no. He started to yell, cry and be nervous. 
As time goes by, he started to think that no one loved him. They were always yelling at him: “Don’t do this, Little Squirrel! Don’t do that! Organize your things!  
So, one day tired of everything, feeling sad, he went away decided to live freely in the forest. His mother always warned him about the hazards he would find, but he never cared. His father would never allow him to go into the jungle alone worried about his safety. But now, he was free and didn’t need to obey anyone.  

— Phew! Finally I’ll lead the life I always wanted. I’m old enough to take care of myself! — He thought.  

He walked around in the forest, satisfied.  

Little by little was getting dark and Little Squirrel was yet to find shelter. The sounds of the jungle were scary and he wanted to be beside his mother, always so kind.  

But now he was lost. And he couldn’t come back. And, on top of everything, he was really hungry! 

Darkness was growing bigger and bigger and scarier too. 
Tired of walking, Little Squirrel stopped at a big tree and fell asleep after weeping a lot.  

He dreamed of their family and remembered very nice moments they had when everyone helped each other, laugh together and specially his birthdays.   

Early in the morning, he woke up with the sound of the trees feeling sorry for what he did and how he was behaving until now with his family. He was missing all of them and knew THEY LOVE EACH OTHER! 

So, he listened something strange he thought someone was coming. He got up quickly. Maybe it was someone who could help him!  
It was a huge and menacing wolf!  
When wolf growled, widening his teeth dangerously, Little Squirrel left in a hurry.  
Realizing he was away from danger, he stopped to rest.  

— Phew! That was close! — He said, relieved.  

At this moment, he heard a strange noise, as if it were rattling. He looked at the floor and he saw a big snake ready to attack. Scared, he ran away as fast as he could. 
With his heart beating fast and wheezing, he stopped at a tree. His legs were shaking! He leant towards it to recover his breathe, when he heard different hum.  
What could it be? He looked up and realized he almost touched in a swarm of bees. And they looked really angry!  

Gathering his strength, he ran away again trying to escape from the swarm that was coming in his direction.  
Looking back, he didn’t see a creek in front of him. He fell into it, getting all wet. Fortunately, the bees went away and Little Squirrel could leave the water calmly. Looking around, he recognized the place. Yes! He was near home!  
More confident, he took a small trail and in few moments he got to the clearing where he resided. Everybody got happy and relieved with his return hugging and kissing him several times. 
Feeling better, after eating again, Little Squirrel told his mother:  

— You know, mum, I realized that nowhere is like our home! I thought you didn’t love me, because you kept reprimanding me. Now, I know you act like this because you love me. I had some rough times, feeling cold and lonely. Only here, with you guys, I feel safe and peaceful. And his mum, with tears in her eyes, said: 

— That’s true, my son. We all love each other and there is nothing like our family. But, you were never alone. God was always with you and brought you safely again. 

And Little Squirrel, nodding his head, said: 
— Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful family You gave me! 
Story adapted from: www.searadomestre.com.br/evangelizacao/
Fourth: Animals Family Activity - The volunteer will bring many pictures of different types of animals such as elephant, lion, ant, butterfly, bird, etc. Each child in his/her turn will be asked to place the animal's picture given within the right animal family. 
During the activity, the volunteer will ask some questions, like: 
* Would you listen to your parents as this (say the name of the animal) does? 
* Would you help your parents as this (say the name of the animal) does? 
* Do you love your parents as this (say the name of the animal) does?  
At the end, the volunteer will bring a poster written God in order to explain that all of us were created by Him to love. 
Fifth: Activity - The volunteer will bring an empty small bottle of water for each child. They will also receive pieces of paper with different types of animals and names of virtues to be coloured and placed inside of the bottle. 
Sixth: Video 


Extra activity: The volunteer will bring a big heart shape with lots of small hearts inside. Each child will have a turn to take one heart and then offer it to one colleague. 

Seventh: Reading Time - Spiritist Books for children will be placed on the table. The child would be invited to share, to read and say what they see when they are reading. 

Eighth: Healing Theatre - The volunteer will bring the names of   all children in a small box. Each one at his/her turn will be asked to choose one piece of paper. The child who will be chosen has to sit down in the middle chair. Meanwhile, the other child will read some instructions which should be followed by the child who is sitting down. If the child followed all the instructions given by the other colleague he/she will receive a sticker which says: “Well Done!” 

Ninth: Closing prayer - One of the children will do a closing prayer. Explain we will follow the letters of the alphabet in order to choose the volunteer for the closing prayer. So, the child’s name that starts with the letter B will do the opening prayer this time. Everybody will have the chance to collaborate as the weeks passed by. 

Spiritist volunteer: Juana Castro, London, linked to The Spiritist Psychological Society. 

Suggested activity to be given as Homework: 
Homework:  Who is my family 

Jesus said to honour our mum and our dad. 
How amazing and grateful is to have a family! 


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