The runaway squirrel

In a clearing in the forest, lived a family of squirrels that lived in peace and harmony.

         The small family was made up of the father Squirrel, mother Squirrel and a couple of very obedient kids. They all respected each other, because among them there was understanding and friendship.

         While father Squirrel left to provide for their family, mother Squirrel stayed at home taking care of the kids and chores.  ...>>

         One day, mother Squirrel found out she would be a mother once again. Everybody got really happy. After all, kids were grown up and they missed babies at home.

         After a little while, the family increased. It was a beautiful baby!          The baby was growing up fast and becoming more demanding. The small family lived for him, making all his wishes. 

         But not all could be done! And each time his mother reprimanded him, he would get rebellious and unhappy. 

         As time goes by, he started to think that no one loved him. They were always yelling at him: “Don’t do this, Little Squirrel! Don’t do that! Organize your things! “One day, tired of everything, feeling sad, he went away decided to live freely in the forest. His mother always warned him about the hazards he would find, but he never cared. His father would never allow him to go into the jungle alone worried about his safety. But now, he was free and didn’t need to obey anyone. 

         — Phew! Finally I’ll lead the life I always wanted. I’m old enough to take care of myself! — He thought. 

         He walked around in the forest, satisfied. 

         Little by little was getting dark and Little Squirrel was yet to find shelter. The sounds of the jungle were scary and he wanted to be beside his mother, always so kind. 

         Bu t now he was lost. And he couldn’t come back. And, on top of everything, he was really hungry! 

         Darkness was growing bigger and bigger and scarier too. 

         Tired of walking, Little Squirrel stopped at a big tree and fell asleep after weeping a lot. 

         Early in the morning, he woke up with the sound of the trees. Someone was coming. He got up quickly. Maybe it was someone who could help him! 

         It was a huge and menacing wolf! 

         When o lobo growled, widening his teeth dangerously, Little Squirrel left in a hurry. 

         Realizing he was away from danger, he stopped to rest. 

         — Phew! That was close! — He said, relieved. 

         At this moment, he heard a strange noise, as if it were rattling. He looked at the floor and he saw a big snake ready to attack. 

         Scared, he ran away as fast as he could. 

         With his heart beating fast and wheezing, he stopped at a tree. His legs were shaking! He leant towards it to recover his breathe, when he heard different hum. 

         What could it be? He looked up and realized he almost touched in a swarm of bees. And they looked really angry! 

         Gathering his strength, he ran away again trying to escape from the swarm that was coming in his direction. 

       Looking back, he didn’t see a creek in front of him. He fell into it, getting all wet.

         Fortunately, the bees went away and Little Squirrel could leave the water calmly. 

         Looking around, he recognized the place. Yes! He was near home! 

         More confident, he took a small trail and in few moments he got to the clearing where he resided. 

         Everybody got happy and relieved with his return hugging and kissing him several times.

         Feeling better, after eating again, Little Squirrel told his mother: 

         — You know, mom, I realized that nowhere is like our home! I thought you didn’t love me, because you kept reprimanding me. Now, I know you act like this because you love me. I had some rough times, feeling cold and lonely. Only here, with you guys, I feel safe and peaceful.

         And his mom, with tears in her eyes, said:

         — That’s true, my son. There is nothing like our family. But, you were never alone. God was always with you and brought you safely again.

         And Little Squirrel, nodding his head, said:

         — Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful family You gave me!

Aunt Célia 

Author: Célia Xavier Camargo 

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine 

Translation: FELIPE DARELLA - 

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