The power of the sun

children's story
Autor: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten

The power of the sun

Carl was a boy who loved to help people around him. There was just one thing that he could not stand: to watch people fighting or arguing.

If this happened, he would soon get nervous and try to separate the fight. No matter what happened, he would try to get the fight to be stopped: at home, at school or in the street.

When his parents would start arguing at home, Carl would get in the middle of them, trying to sort out the issue. At school, he would also get in the middle of fights and try to stop them. He would
go home all dirty and with wounds. 

His mother, who already knew him very well, would talk to him: 

— My son, please do not do that. You will get seriously hurt one day. Please be more careful! Call an adult, maybe the Head Teacher or the Teacher responsilbe for your class. 

Carl would always promise not to interfere in these discussions, but then once a fight started he would be there, in the middle of it. One day he got home with a red eye and his front bleeding. His mother then said: 

— What happened now, my son? Look at you!You are looking dirty, your uniform is all damaged and you have been hurt! Have you been fighting again? 

— No, mum! I tried to get two of my friends to stop fighting whilst they were playing football. 

His mum hugged him and said: 

— Right, we will talk later. It’s time for you to take a shower. 

After he took a shower, she looked after his wounds and offered him lunch. His dad arrived at that time. He looked at his son, felt angry at him but decided to cool down and remain relaxed. His younger brothers looked at him and laughed. They all knew what happened. It wasn’t the first time he arrived home all hurt. 

— Can you please stop laughing, you two? This is not a joke. Carl, please eat your food. I will need to have a proper look at your eye later on. 

After eating, his mum said to him: 

— Please keep distant if you realise a fight is just about to start, my son. 

— But mum, I just wanted to make my friends stop fighting! I can’t stand that. 

— I know you have a good intention when you do that, Carl. Therefore, you need to keep certain distance from the fight. Plus, you need especially to behave with tranquility, kindness, balance and love. 

— What do you mean, mom? What is balance? 

— Balance is when we keep in control and impartial when we are in the middle of a situation. This means, we will not be inclined to one side or to another, but will keep our best feelings. Do you understand? 

— Sort of. 

His mother tried to think of something else to show him, as an example. Suddenly, she looked through the window and saw the sun shinning outside. She took the boy to the garden and asked him: 

— Carl, apart from God, who is our Father and Creator of the Universe, can you think of something that is very powerful in the world we leave at?

The boy thought for a while and then said: 

— The sun, mom. I studied at school that the Sun is a star which is a lot bigger than Earth. It gives us light, heat and the conditions to live. My teacher explained that the Creator did everything in such a perfect way! If the Sun would be further away from Earth, we would die frozen for lack of heat; if it was closed, we would get burned! 

— That’s right, Carl. We, human beings, but also all other creatures and plants would die too. The Sun is so powerful but is still distant from Earth. Its rays can reach us all with so much kindness, without hurting us. It penetrates the deepest and most profound places, bringing us heat and light. 

O garoto pensou um pouco e disse: 

— I understand where you are getting to, mom. It means I can help without getting into the fight, right? 

— That’s it, my son. You are only 8 years old, but much bigger than the boys at your age. So, if the boys are smaller than you, you could hurt them with your strength. If they are bigger, you could end up getting hurt. 

— It’s true mom. What can I do? 

— Think about God when you see danger around you, and ask him for peace.Later you can try to help, but without getting involved in the fight. 

From this day, whenever he saw boys arguing, Carl would pray quickly and then say: 

— Easy, guys. Let’s try to sort this issue with peace, ok? What is going on? Can I help? 

His friends stopped arguing when they heard his peaceful voice. They would calm down and soon would be playing again together. 

There is nothing that can not be solved, when good will and peace exists in our hearts. 

Aunt Celia 

Fount: O Consolador - Weekly Magazine of Spiritism, year 3, n° 104, April 26, 2009

Themes: conflict resolution, self control, peace

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