The Divine Help

 When Jesus wandered the planet, there was a man who was a great believer in God.
Joshua would hear the lessons of Jesus, but interpreted them according to his will and intentions.

When he heard the Master say that he who asks shall receive, he who seeks shall find and he who knocks on the door shall have it opened unto him, he understood that, whoever acted with faith would receive God's resources.

So he, who craved wealth, sought in every way to be a winner in the world. After a while devoting himself to his business, he managed to get rich, but because of his occupation he had drifted away from the Master.           ...>>

By that time Jesus was arrested, tried and sentenced to death in the infamous cross between two thieves. However, as Joshua travelled a lot, he was not aware of that fact. Upon returning and being informed that the Master was gone, he felt very sad but resigned himself. After all, he had gotten what he wanted.

Some months later, feeling alone, Joshua decided he needed to start a family. He found a beautiful and dignified young woman and married her. Some time later, two beautiful children came to brighten their home.

However, Joshua did not give them any attention, always concerned with acquiring more and more wealth and notoriety.

Within a few years his physical health, which had always been excellent, disappeared amid excesses of all kinds.

So Joshua found himself in a desperate situation. His immense wealth was gradually being consumed by overspending. His wife and children, whom he had never given attention, went away, leaving him alone in the huge mansion.

Sick, poor and abandoned by all, he eventually returned to the spiritual world. In a region of suffering, he cried, lamenting the difficulties he was going through.

Alone, he once again remembered Jesus and, with painful tears, directed his thoughts at the figure of the beloved Master.

After much pleading for help and as if evoked by his memories, Joshua saw the Master appear before him, beautiful as the happy days when he wandered around bringing comfort to all sufferers.

Falling to his knees at the feet of the Celestial Friend, Joshua, in tears and unhappy, complained:

- Jesus! I am suffering a lot. You have forsaken me in the midst of my existence. Today I suffer alone, though always connected to You.

The Master looked at him full of pity and clarified with a caressing voice:

- I have never forsaken you! It was you, Joshua, who drifted away from me to chase fantasies, illusions.

Surprised, the believer replied:

- What, Lord? I have always followed your teachings! You have said: ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you! That's what I always did with your recommendations! ...

- True, Joshua. However, you have sought gold in a selfish manner, using it in your own interest.

Kneeling down, bowing his head, the sad man wept copiously. Jesus continued:

- I gave you perfect health, which you need in order to work, and you wasted it away in excesses of
every kind.

- Forgive me, Lord!

- I gave you a loving family, which you drove away for not returning the care and attention of your faithful wife and loving children.

Before the Master's words, Joshua made a retrospect of his existence, increasingly embarrassed and acknowledging his guilt.

After a few moments, Jesus spoke again:

- Finally, Joshua, you left aside the lessons I bequeathed to the world, seeing them only with the lens of your own interests. The problem, Joshua, is not health, family or wealth. It's what we do with them. All you received was to be used wisely by you: your health would allow you to work harder and better in my harvest of souls; the family you abandoned emotionally would help you work for the good, and the wealth you accumulated could have provided aid to many in need of guidance, bread, clothing, medicine and shelter. Do you understand now what you have done with the talents that you have been entrusted?

Joshua understood and, ashamed of himself, sobbed.

- Lord, what now?! ...

Showing sublime understanding and immense affection in His eyes, the Master said:

- Go back to Earth and begin again, trying to get it right this time. Renew your spiritual vision while there is still time because there is no profit for a man in gaining the world but losing his soul.

Joshua's eyes were filled with new hope as the Lord walked away slowly until He became just a point of light in the firmament.

(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 16/7/2012.)

Fount: Weekly Magazine of Spiritism O CONSOLADOR ,Year 6 n°281, oct.7,2012

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