My family, God’s plan for me

2 st Cycle (8-10 years old)

First: Opening prayer - The Spiritist Volunteer will ask one child to read one topic of the “The Lord’s Prayer”. 

After will introduce a box of prayer and ask for one child to volunteer himself/herself to read the prayer for the class. Please ask the child to say his/her words as well, as to complement the opening prayer. 

Second: Welcome the children into the session. Say how happy we are to see them there and how important they are for the class. 

Third: Sing songs together; get the children to remain standing but in a circle.   ...>>

Fourth: The volunteer will bring a model of an incarnated Spirit which contains: physical body, spiritual body, Spirit, vital fluid and silver cord (see picture below). 

First, the volunteer will ask the children if they know what this model is about. (wait for their comments) 
Later the volunteer will introduce the paper cards with the names and a small explanation of each part of the model. Each child will need to match the paper cards with the correspondent picture of the model. 

Activity 1 - The children will be asked to match up the following words with their meanings and explanations: GOD, SPIRIT, BODY, BODY AND PERISPIRIT, VITAL FLUID, REINCARNATION, GOD’S JUSTICE, GOD’S LAW, SOUL, PERISPIRIT, FAMILY. 

Sixth: Activity 2 – Prepare a paper doll 

The volunteer will bring a picture of the planet Earth which will be used to explain the following topics: 
  • Immortal beings; 
  • Reincarnation; 
  • Family Ties; 
  • Progress.

Activity 3: Find the right word – the children will need to match the word with the right meaning.

Beings Physical body Spiritual world Perispirit Reincarnate Physical God Help Father 

Please see the meaning of the words here below: 

GOD: Supreme Intelligence, the first cause of all things. The Creator of all things, from the vast galaxies of the universe to the smallest grain of sand on the beach. 

Spirit: The intelligent principle of the universe.The children of God created by Him. They are beings who don’t have corporeal bodies. 

They are everywhere and that they inhabit every corner of the infinite space. Many of them can observe and act upon us.You might say that they resemble a flame, a glow or an ethereal spark. 

Body: It is the tie that binds spirits. It is the instrument that the spirit uses to express their actions. Is the intermediary through and upon which spirit acts. 

Body and Perispirit: We can compare as seeds that are dormant and eventually erupt to form a plant or to a caterpillar inside it’s a cocoon and when the time is right it comes out to become a beautiful butterfly. 

Vital fluid: It would be the electric impulse necessary to make our body functional, without it our physical body dies. 

Reincarnation: God imposes it for the purpose of leading spirits to perfection because they must undergo all the vicissitudes of the corporeal existence. After having left the body, through the process we call death, the spirits need to “occupy” again another body, in a new corporeal existence, in order to continue its purification. 

God’s Justice: We can redress the mistakes you might have committed previously. Reincarnation is one of the greatest proofs of it. Because He always leaves an open door for repentance, no matter how bad we are still. 

God’s Law: God is eternal and unchangeable, since it exists from all eternity. For every new reincarnation, as we continuously progress, we improve our understanding of these laws. 

Soul: An incarnate spirit. Is the spirit that occupies the body. 

Perispirit: Each spirit is connected to the physical body by a link that the spirits define as semi material body which helps the soul to communicate with its body. 

Family: They remain united through sympathetic affection which unites them. Their love goes through the frontiers of Earthly lives. 

Eighth: Power Point Presentation: The Prodigal Son 

The volunteer will ask the kids to tell the Parable of the Prodigal Son 

Ninth: Video - The Prodigal Son 

Tenth: The Prodigal Son Activity - The volunteer will bring the parable in pictures and the kids should put in writing the parable of Jesus. 

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