Lesson Plan: "God’s creation" (Ages range: 4-9 years old)

Spiritist Education for Children and Youth Lesson Plan – SSI

Lesson Plan Overview
Date: 07/06/2015
Time allowed: 30 min
Subject: God’s creation
Ages range:  4-9
Objectives: to teach children about God’s creation.
” God made the world. God made me!”
Vocabulary/concepts: Day, Night, Sky, Water, Sun. Moon, Sea, Plants, Man.

Lesson Plan
Opening prayer
  All pray together
Gratitude time
 God made the world. God made me!
Story time
  Watch the cartoon and listen to the song.
Activity 1
Age range:
   Ask the following questions to children:
  - What are the things that are part of Nature?
  - Who created it?
  - What are trees made for?
  - Have you ever planted a tree or a flower?
  - Could we survive without Nature?
5 min

Activity 2
Age range:
   Show the video The story of creation

+ 5 min
Activity 3
Age range:
   Give a paper plate  for children to make their own world.
   Write: ” God made the world. God made me!”

                            Image from Pinterest
 15 min
Cleaning up
  Cleaning up song
Final prayer
  All together or from a book of prayers

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