Patience (Lesson Plan, ages range: 4+)

Spiritist Education for Children and Youth Lesson Plan – SSI (Dublin, Ireland)
Lesson Plan Overview
Date: 08/02/15
Time allowed: 30 min
Ages range: 4+
Subject: Patience

Objectives: work on the children the virtue of being patient, instead of being violent. So they can be better prepare for the world when they grow up.

Vocabulary/concepts: Patience, wait, tolerance, kindness, practices.   ...>>

Lesson Plan

Opening prayer           Book of Prayer
Gratitude time             Hot potato game
Story time                    Video about the word patience:

Activity 1                    Discussion time
Time: 5 min                 What examples can be of patience?
Mention examples of patience
  • leave little sister/brother play with your toys
  • when you get sick and cannot play outside, you need to be patient to wait until get better.
                                     Do you remember the last time you have been patient?
Conclusion: it is not easy to be patience, it needs practice. A ballerina cannot dance well with do a lot of practice and etc.

Activity 2                   Origami time
Time: 20 min 
First do a very easy one: a House and/or Bear Face
Second do a more difficult one: Butterfly For older than 8, they may do the butterfly only

Cleaning up                Clean up song
Final prayer                Children do a prayer or book prayer      

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