Love your neighbour Lesson Plan (Ages range: 4 to 7 years old)

Spiritist Education for Children and Youth Lesson Plan – SSI, Dublin-Ireland

Lesson Plan Overview
Date: 18/01/15
Time allowed: 30 min
Subject: Love your neighbour
Ages range: 4 to 7 years old

Objectives: To learn about loving one another without judgement, and to learn that we should do to other only what we would like to be done to us.
Vocabulary/concepts: loving one another, judgement.

Lesson Plan 
Opening prayer                 Children will say a prayer       

Gratitude time                   Hot Potato game

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Activity 1  (10 min)                
Story discussion
Why the three little pigs thought that the Zoe was a bad wolf?
How did they discover that Zoe was not bad?
Mention about judging by the person appearance
Which one of the pigs did realise that the Zoe was friendly?
Mention to learn to love one another no matter what the appearance.

Activity 2  (5 min)        
Think about when did you hurt someone, and ask children to think if that friend was doing the same to you how would you feel?

Activity 3  (15 min)         
Draw a card with own hands in a shape of heart
Material: paper card, scissors, felt pen, crayons, stickers
Fold the paper card in two
Put the hand near the folding hedge, with a little bit on the thumb outside
Draw around the hand
Cut out the hand draw and decorate
Offer to someone special to you, that you may had hurt someday.

Cleaning up 
Sing the “clean up” song

Final prayer

Prayer’s book

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