Sharing is Good for Kindergarten

First: Welcome the children into the session. Say how happy we are to see them and how important they are for the class. The volunteer will start the class with an opening prayer. The children would be able to volunteer themselves to do the prayer. 
After that, the Spiritist worker will introduce the “Raffle Box of Prayers”. In your turn, each child will open the box, choose one prayer and read it loudly for whole class. We will do it until all the kids have their chance to choose and read a prayer.  ,,,>>

Second: Prayer Activity - The volunteer will discuss with the children about the prayer “Prayer for my brothers and sisters” from the book LEARNING HOW TO PRAY - A BOOK OF PRAYERS FOR CHILDREN by Elsa Rossi. Each one will also receive a copy of the prayer. 

Prayer for my brothers and sisters 

Dear Jesus, today I want to ask you especially for your assistance with my brother and sister. 
Please help me by stopping them from taking my toys and tearing my school books. 
They are little and I know they don’t understand what they are doing to me; it annoys me but I love him and her a lot. 
Please, my friend Jesus, protect my brothers and sisters. 

Third: Invite the children to sing some songs together. 

Fourth: Recycling Activity – A basket will be created using juice boxes. Pictures of Jesus with children and hearts will be placed inside each one by the children. Each child will have its own juice box to work on. Once the work is ready the children will be sat in a big circle. The volunteer will ask them to share the juice box with the person sitting on their right.

Fourth: Tell them the story called: ‘Lara’s lesson’ 

Lara was a beauty rabbit who lived in a nice and big farm. 

Lara was quite busy this week because she would celebrate her birthday over on the weekend. Her family always prepare a nice and big party for her and also invite all the animals from the farm and the jungle. 

Lara was very excited with all the presents she would get because she knew that each animal was preparing one handmade gift special for her. 

Everyone was really happy at Lara’s party! Many animals came and enjoyed playing together! 
Lara was so happy that she asked her mum to invite her friends to come over on the next day, which she agreed. They decided that each one would bring their favourite toy to Lara’s house. As soon as they arrived, they saw Lara playing alone surrounded by many toys. 

“Hi Lara, look what we brought to share!” - the butterfly said. 
“I brought my face painting, so we can pretend to be any animal we want” - the little hippo said. 
“I brought my car, we can share it” - the elephant said 
“And I brought my ball; we can play a nice ball game!” 

But Lara didn’t want to share; she wanted to have everything for herself only. She didn’t want to share her toys with anyone. 

“No, they are all mine, don’t touch them.” – said Lara. 
She took all the new toys back from her friends’ hands. 
“But Lara, all of us brought our favourite toys to play with you. 
“We agreed yesterday.” – the Butterfly said. 
“Lara, we will have a nice time with all the toys if you share. Everyone is here again to play.” - the elephant said.

But Lara didn’t want to listen so she yelled: “I don’t want it. They are mine; all mine.” 

Poor friends, they all left Lara’s house feeling very sad, because they really wanted to play together as a big group of friends. The little bird, who always had great ideas, said: “Let’s all play together anyway. We can share between us and make our game become the best ever”. 

Everyone liked the idea and, in a blink of eye, they were playing and having a lot of fun! 

“Hey grab the ball! 
“Look at hippo, he just became a butterfly!” 


Lara started to listen to their laughs and realised they were all having a lot of fun together. Lara had already got bored of playing with all her new toys alone and she started to think: “So, what to do now? I didn’t want to share and now I am alone with my toys and feeling sad.” 

So, she started to cry. Lara really wanted to go there, however she didn’t know if they would accept her back. 

Her mum, who was around, heard Lara crying. 

“What happened?” Said Mrs Rabbit 
“Oh mum, I asked my friends to leave but I am all alone now. 

But why did you ask them to leave Lara? 
Because I didn’t want to share my new toys with them. I wanted all toys for me, but now I am bored to play and stay alone. What should I do now mum? 

“Dear Lara, I am very proud of you because you realised your mistake. 
You are right to say the gifts are yours, however we learn to share what we have. We also learn that we should treat other people the way you want to be treated. So, if you want friends who share and play together with you it means you should share with them as well. 

Lara decided to grab all her new toys in a big bag and went to see her friends. 

“Lara dear, don’t forget to apologise for your mistake and say honestly how much you really want to play with them.” 

Lara gave thanks to her mother and run towards the lake. 

Lara was very shy when she first arrived; she tried to talk, but no one could hear her. Suddenly, the little crab saw Lara: “Oh, what are you carrying Lara, in that huge bag?” - said the crab. 

“Oh guys, I came here to say sorry for what I did previously with all of you. I really wanted to apologise so I brought all my toys for us to play together! Would you accept my apology?” 

“Oh Lara for sure, come and join us, as we said before we will have much more fun when you play together and share!” 

Lara and her friends had an amazing time! 

Lara and her friends learnt the goodness of sharing and forgiveness! 

Fifth: Activity - The volunteer will bring a box with funny accessories. 

The kids will have to wear the objects and when the volunteer says “share” they should swap over the accessories with a friend. 

Sixth: Basket Activity - The volunteer will bring a basket with lots of hearts inside. And in each heart will have the name of one child. So, each child will have to take one heart from the basket at time and offer/share the heart to a friend. 

The volunteer can also interact making some questions such as: Is good to share? Do you share? What do you share? 

Seventh: Healing Theatre - Prepare the kids for the healing time. Put one chair at the centre of the room and ask for one child to seat on the chair. They will be asked to show how he/she would be behaving upstairs during the healing time. After that the class should say if he/she had a good behaviour and if yes they would receive a recycled necklace with a happy face on it. 

Eighth: Closing prayer - One of the children will do a closing prayer; encourage the children to volunteer for this task. If they don’t want to collaborate we could say we will follow the letters of the alphabet. The child’s name that starts with the letter A will do the opening prayer this time. Everybody will have the chance to collaborate. 


Class suggested being suitable for: Kindergarten (5 to 6 years old) 

Spiritist volunteer: Juana Castro, London, linked to The Spiritist Psychological Society. 

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