A rabbit called Bob (Story)

A rabbit called Bob lived in a beautiful small farm full of trees and flowers. Nothing was missing for him. He had access to plenty fresh carrots, lettuces and water. 

There were other animals living in the farm: cows, bulls, cocks, ducks, horses, donkeys, and dog called Nick who was very good friends with him. 

Bob and his parents lived in a special comfortable wooden house which was constructed especially for them, in the back garden. Although Bob had everything, he still wanted more. 

One day, a female rat arrived and told them some wonderful things about the city she came from. Mrs Rat talked about the cars that drove down the 

streets, the food she could find anywhere and that no one ever felt hungry. She talked about people that passed by and threw food on the floor. She would eat so much everyday! 

Bob was very surprised and excited with this new world he was finding out about, and decided to get to know this city. He started to find boring to be at the countryside, where there were no people; no action. He began to dream about going to the city. 

How would he do that? His parents would not allow him to go, for sure. They always said the best place to stay is at home where our family is. He thought… and thought... and thought... and then decided. He would leave by night, when his parents were asleep. 

On the next day, he saved some carrots; lettuce leafs, put them into his bag and got ready to run away. At night, he pretended to be sleeping and waited until everything calmed down. He then got his bag and disappeared through the dark of the night. 

He started to go through the way Mrs Rat said, but wasn’t able to get to the city. Bob was feeling very tired and hungry. He decided to get rest and eat. He was so tired he slept underneath a bush. He then woke up, out of a sudden, and felt scared. He heard some weird noises and started to shake from head to toe. 

I want my mom! — He cried out. 

He was missing home, but fall sleep. He woke up next day with a clear sky above him. His fear disappeared with the darkness, and decided to keep travelling. It didn’t take very long for him to start seeing high buildings; they must be from the city! He got there, at last! 

Bob decided to jump faster and arrive as early as possible at the city. The streets were beautiful, and the houses were so tall they looked like they were about to reach the sky. There were lots of movement and people everywhere. He was a bit scared with the noise around him, but decided to go out bravely into the streets to watch everything around him. 

He realised people were surprised to see him. Some of them screamed and others tried to catch him. He decided to hide. He was so scared, but couldn’t live his hiding-place to get more food, since the amount he brought with him finished. He was starving! He saw children with shabby clothes begging in the streets, sick old men in the gutter, and mothers carrying children and begging for coins to be able to buy milk. He felt even worst. 

No, this was not a good place to live. He missed his small, farm, house, parents and friends. He never felt hungry there and they were all well respected. Bob decided to go back. 

He returned back home when the night was dark. When Bob arrived, all animals came to meet him.
His parents hugged him with love. 

— My son, why did you run away from home? 

— Forgive me, Father. I made a mistake, but I hope you forgive me. 

He said how disillusioned he was with the stories Mrs Rat told him, and wanted to go to the city. 

The Father asked:

— If the city was so good, my son, why would Mrs Rat come here to live in the farm? 

Mrs Rat heard all conversation and felt ashamed of her. Bob then said: 

— Dad, I know that now. The best place to live is our home. 

On that same day, all animals made a big party for Bob’s return. 

Aunt Celia 

Author: Célia Xavier de Carvalho
Translation: Carolina von Scharten 
Font: O Consolador - Weekly Magazine of Spiritism

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