Automatism and the spiritual body

Translation: Renata Rinaldini
From:  O Consolador, Weekly Magazine of Spiritism, year 4,n.159 and n.160 ,2010

The same law of evolution prevails for all beings of the universe, be they stars
or be they men

1st Part

The spiritual body models the physical body which represents the former. Our proposal, from this affirmation is to highlight that the Law of evolution is equal for all beings, connecting them amongst themselves in dependence for the growth of all. If it is so in society, where individuals deliver the result of their work towards society in order that it gives back to them benefits and safety, we can notice yet more in the lower kingdoms where every individual depends on the other for its growth.   ...>>

Lost in time, the intelligent principle has been shaping, in its own vehicle of exteriorsation, the conditions which provide it – on the terrestrial and spiritual level – the physiologic automatism that allows it to carry out, without obstacles, the primary acts of maintenance, preservation and renovation of life. We have, for example the writing and the reading which only become mechanical activities with the training of eyes, lips and hand co-ordination, after the learning of the alphabet. Repetition of actions is indispensable to its development. In these same bases of repetition, the spiritual body through birth, death and rebirth – in the physical and extra-physical life – in different experiences, incorporated all knowledge of intelligence to reflect itself in the “brain of the future” by the reflexive activities of the unconscious.

In the 18th century, delighted with the complexity of nerves and with the gigantic patrimony that represents the human mind; Descartes formulated the “theory of the animal spirits” that, enclosed in the brain, would circulate in the network of nerves, responding to breathing movements, to moods and to organic defence without conscious participation of the will. He elaborated this theory by observing animals that he considered “machines not endowed with thoughts”.

For André Luiz, culturally, the intelligence is followed by reasoning and this by responsibility. In the evolutionary transformism, reflex precedes instinct that manifests itself in the reflected activity that, in its turn, is the basis of intelligence manifested through acquired knowledge in the activity of acquisition and transmission throughout millennia, followed by reasoning and by responsibility.

To look after the body is more that a duty

When we study the spiritual body (spiritual Individual), we cannot separate automatism (Physiology) from inheritance (Psychology) because throughout time, we see the still latent consciousness building its faculties of organisation, sensibility and intelligence, transforming gradually every nervous activity into psychic activity.

Body Concept – Generally conceptualising, the body is every and any quantity of limited matter that impresses the physical senses, that shape the animated forces or not, to the impulse of the vital principles; animistic and spiritual; the Physical stage through which the animistic element transits in the long journey with the aiming of perfection, quality of pure spirit.

The Divine loan, is an instrument of spiritual evolution on Earth. Slowly, through time, it gets to abandon the coarser organic frames for contours and functions more useful to the future experiences.

To look after the body is more than a duty. It is an elevated commitment from which nobody is free. To love, to look after it, to use it with nobleness is a task that is fit for us all, without tiredness, for our own good. Paul of Tarsus reminds us very well of this commitment in the First Epistle to the Thessalonians, 4:4, when he writes: “that each of you should learn to control his own body[a] in a way that is holy and honourable”.

Small History - In 1950, palaeontology undertook the present classification of hominoid fossils, simplifying all previous classifications, into the unique Homo , distributed between three classes; transvaalensis, erectus and sapiens, thus making possible new research and discoveries.

Philosophic thought, since its beginnings, has always had as a preoccupation the problem of the evolution of man. From Greek philosophy which reduced everything to incessant transformations, by which all live species were changeable, until Spencer with a broader view of evolution, passing through “Darwin’s natural selection” in which evolutionary concepts cannot be denied and are verified by science today, in the different fields in which they are expressed.

The Spirit’s task in the somatic exteriorsation

“It deserves to be observed, however, that the transmission of coarser forms, of the psychic needs, which impose the emergence of organs and of new characteristics to be transmitted by hereditary and to be fixated, continuing the evolutionary processes incessantly is due to the to the spiritual principle in  successive reincarnations. This affirmation of Joanna de Ângelis in chapter 5 of the book Spiritist Studies, automatically written by Divaldo Pereira Franco, make us understand that, to begin with, the Spirit was found in a retarded expression, using the simian form in transition to fixate in the Spirit new implements: the function precedes the organ and the functions proceeds from the Spirit that shapes the new forms that it needs to grow and produce unknown experiences.

As the form is improved, Superior Spirits impose on it other attributes that through millennia give form to the body which, today, still serves as a dwelling place for the Spirit that will shape new forms through which Humanity will continue to progress.

Joanna de Ângelis still presents us with the following thought, extracted from the above mentioned book: “To the Spirit, which is the being, is due the somatic exteriorsations that constitute the not being”.  It thus becomes clear to understand physical body as a reflex of the spiritual body.

Improved over through a long period of time, this evolution therefore obeys a Higher Plan. Thus, the physical body receives orientations from the Spirit, from reflexive actions (for example to take the hand away from fire) up to intellectual, and the body receives from the Spirit the impressions of the material world through the organs of sense.

 The body is a live being formed by the union of cells which, united, form tissues, organs, and when several organs carry out the same work, we have a system.

The cells vary in form and size, but are united one to another as magnets, according to an orientation will which associate them for the same function and also govern them. In the words of André Luiz, they are “intelligent electromagnetic parts, in super-intelligent electromagnetic machines.

The cells and their submission to the nervous system

It is important that we remember that, according to modern Biology:

-           A cell is the headquarters of all the organism’s metabolic reactions;

-           It is originated from pre-existing cells, so there is no spontaneous generation;

-           It contains hereditary material through which the specific characteristics are transmitted from mother-cell to child-cell.

-           It form organs and these are surrounded by the nervous system which, added to the control carried out by hormones, fulfil the ideal functioning for preservation of normal life.

From all these cellular organisations, the one which presents the most complex and extremely delicate function is the nerve cell or neuron that, divided into specific functions, takes care, on one hand of the life of relationship – focused on conscious activities through the organs of sense; and, on another focused on autonomous activities which command, outside the action of the will, the circulatory, respiratory, digestive systems for example. This set of nerves and glands form the plexuses which correspond in then perispirit to the Centres of Force. (In medicine, the bundles of muscles and vases are also considered plexuses).

The automatic repetition of work for the execution of tasks to which the cells are obliged, through intelligence, from maintenance of functioning up to life preservation, characterises cellular automatism.

Through electric and electronic complexes, the human body is self-repairing. The archives of micro-photography in the centres of memory can be considered equal to a construction, that through the techniques of miniaturising with which computers are elaborated, these departments would occupy about 160.000 cubic kilometres, with information regarding only one reincarnation. The cells are, thus, under the command of the mind, submitted to the nervous system, and this gives them such saturation content that explains the demonstrations of mediumistic materialisation. It is a state of stress which makes the medium’s body to exteriorise this energy (ectoplasm) that, manipulated by an external mind (Spirit), takes the desired plasmatic form through this mind, for the objective in question.

Evolution and sex

The emergence of magnetic qualities positive and negative cells and bacteria, outcomes for Spiritual Advisors, responsible for the progress of the planet, starts to animal evolution.

A different bacterium (leptotrix) that resembles a tadpole, covered with iron which is nurtured and is forced to swim when it breaks free of this shell until it resembles the other involves, these instructors used to propel it to the transformation. After a long period of new trials, reborn in the form of green algae, inaugurating sexual communication on the world.

The gap that exists between leptotrix and the emergence of green algae leaves unanswered the most modern biologists when they try to establish an evolutionary line of these structures. This space was filled by the activities in the Greater Plan that submitted the first major changes, transmuting her subjects more complex, making them reappear in that metamorphosed seaweed, so installing new cycle of progress and renewal.

When that occurred eons huge, the intelligent principle after experiments on two different planes, is shown working with more complex constitution, receives from the Higher Plane-special magnetic fluid concentrations on chromosomes that Andre Luiz calls "gifts of playing more complex." Says the spiritual writer, in the absence of terminology, such concentrations can be compared to "templates built to service the foundry typography."

Chromosomes share the physical body with the nucleus of the cell that remain and the spiritual body in the cytoplasm that were forming, being in nature fisiopsychosomatic infinitesimal granules. They consist of the elements called genes, which give them characteristics of immortality on cells because they are renewed transmitting successor to its peculiarities. With evolution, the chromosomes are different giving rise to different species. Monstrous forms appear and disappear until the species we are able accommodation types. But "the chromosomes remain immortal through genetic centers of all beings."

André Luiz calls our attention to observe the laws of animal breeding, since leptótrix by shrinkage and expansion of energy, in the occurrence of birth and death of form, are the same in the phylogeny of the organization of any vehicle in human embryonic stage. So if there is a science that studies the genesis of the forms, there is also a genealogy of the Spirit.

Heredity - Law that defines life, confined to the way in which foreign

Architects spiritual spent centuries preparing the cells as background to the plant kingdom. It was necessary to establish a safe level of forces contained in the baggage of the nucleus and the cytoplasm. Processes of cell division are tested. Surge mitosis, simple division and indirectly by altering course the heavenly monad, which is reflected in the core, already foreshadowing major changes. Through the center cell (nucleus), the Superior Spirits join forces to maintain physical and spiritual, and that is the "point where there is the mental boost of electromagnetic nature, by which it operates chromosome movement, securing the load hereditary in number and different values for each species.

This consciousness latent (pupa of consciousness) within the principle of repetition: birth - experience - death - experience - revival in the physical and nonphysical, proceeds as being autotrophic (André Luiz uses a term that is no longer used in modern biology), that is, self-reliant beings, who produce their own food, like plants, for example. At this stage, the intelligent principle by relying on heredity and the experiments recapitulated progresses to greater differentiation in the animal scale, where the spiritual body is already offering more complex manner, given the reactions of the nervous system, "elected to the seat of instincts higher, with the option of filing conditioned reflexes. "

Further changes in cells are needed, because the spiritual element must be like to live now as heterotrophic, that is, be not producing energy for their nutrition, such as animals (the term alotrophic, quoted by Andre Luiz, not appears in biology textbooks today). Advancing in the path of progress, the intelligent principle in plasma implements new vehicle of expression - elements to balance the salts in the digestive cells and elements for the balance of nutrition (protozoa). Conquest, in short, a "car physiological" structured systems consisting of organs, tissues that are formed by, composed of molecules with specific functions and structures, which, upon fertilization, is mixed male and female units, and obeying repetition in the law of heredity, will determine their genetic ancestry.

Already as a man, the Spirit and not the most intelligent principle commands, at will - with their presence, or mere influence - the most complex phenomena of cell division in the egg feeding, building the foundations of their own destiny in stage that is new to experience, within the merit that it will have.

The process of man's creation is a slow development since the dawn of time.

The way scientists admit human existence - the evolutionary process in which man is the result of a phylogeny fantastic - we have the impression that since its creation, from the mineral, the man has no experience other than those faced in this process. But the creative intelligence that is inherent to man, makes it able to have no limits on your imagination and that, coupled with a growing need to become better and better, the drives go beyond their own human condition. If at first the Divine Seed guided the development of forms and routes to the cellular world, in favor of the intelligent principle, as it progresses, begins to take responsibility for yourself.

On the basis of heredity, takes the physical form and discards it, to take it in a new incarnation, in a process to elevate themselves culturally and morally, or when not to redo tasks forgotten or abandoned. Compelled to live among their peers - heredity and affinity in the physical and nonphysical laws are immutable - it will learn, by his own choice, leading to the well, thus ensuring the balance and the power to change circumstances in the environment they live and interfere with formation of the body that will serve you a tool for evolutionary greatest achievements - whether it has merits for that - through higher values for their impulses to perfection.

In this longing for lifting and communication with higher planes, it creates more and more, a contrast between his original position and the man who seeks his elevation. Whence all this? The answer lies in returning to the idea of God, innate in the human creature: the Being perfect Descartes found deep in our own imperfection and the Law of Worship that brings us Kardec in coding.

The random construction of the materialist conception of the universe is lost if we look at the simplest elements as the atom and its microscopic universe. We need not even think about the complex formation of man, or galaxies or solar systems. So it will be if we look at the "experiences of God" sought through religious artifacts to explain the appearance of man on the planet.

"Whether created from the slime of the earth, according to the biblical allegory, or plucked from the bowels of the mineral kingdom, according to evolutionary theory spiritualist, man is still in formation, maturing experience in facing the corporeal existence." The body is your instrument Lifting, alive and well and what needs to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. It is therefore solely responsible for the success or failure of your walk. God is in this man, the power supervisor and maintainer, not punitive force. Your conscience will be his judge and his actions, the process.


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