The experience of the fox

Once upon a time, a fox with a beautiful hairy tail and an elegant pointy nose, entered into poultry yardduring the night… It caused a massive tumult. The birds were frightened and  running around. They were so scared, clucking loudly out. 

The fox was really satisfied with the confusion it caused within the birds. It ran from one side to another, pulling their feathers and having a lot of fun. It  then  realised  one off the hens was still standing at the same spot. The fox, very curious, stopped playing and came near to it.   

The bird was frightened but, with its wings open, protected her 7 small chicks that just came out of the egg-shells.  When the hen saw the fox approaching, it begged the fox:
               — Please, fox! Don’t destroy my family that I love so much. If you want to eat me, please do, but don’t kill my babies! God will reward you for your generosity. They haven’t done anything to harm you! They are poor undefended  creatures. Please be merciful!    

After hearing her humble petition, the tiny fox sympathised with the bird and went away from the poultry yard, for everyone’s surprise. Some time later, the fox grow up and was blessed with two beautiful baby foxes, which were its biggest treasure. 

One day the fox noted around its den a trained dog, which was hunting for foxes! The mummy fox tried to protect the babies as best as possible. Therefore, the dog had a very good sense of smell, and found the den. It started to snarl and was ready to attack the den.

At this moment, the mummy fox remembered that   time   when  it  came  to  the poultry yard.    
Trembling of fear, it said:             
— Do you have any cubs?

The dog stopped, very surprised, and said:
— Yes, I do.

The fox then continued:
— So you know what I am feeling. Please be merciful! Please, dog! Don’t destroy my family. That’s all I have. What if this happens to your family? Please, spare us! God will reward you for your generosity. 

The brave trained dog thought… thought… and agreed with the fox. It was right! The dog sympathised with the fox and went away from the den.

The fox hugged its babies full of love, thanking God for the help received and recognising the value of the lesson learned. The lesson is to treat others just as you want to be treated.
Just like on the day the fox decided to help the poor desperate hen, it received the same help from the trained dog!

 Aunt Celia

Author: Celia Xavier de Camargo 
Translation: Carolina von Scharten 

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