Nature: God’s Creation

Class suggested being suitable for: Kindergarten (5 to 6 years old).

First: Opening prayer - The Spiritist Volunteer will ask one child to read one topic of the “The Lord’s Prayer”.

The Spiritist worker will introduce a box of prayer after the prayer and will ask for one child to volunteer himself/herself to read the prayer for the class. Please ask the child to say his/her words as well, as to complement the opening prayer.            ...>>

Second: Welcome the children into the session. Say how happy we are to see them there and how important they are for the class. Play hot potato game with the children. When the music stops the child who is holding the hot potato ball will be asked to say what they most like in the whole nature.

Third: Sing songs together; get the children to remain standing but in a circle.


I Like the Flowers:

I like the flowers
I like the daffodils
I like the mountains
I like the green hill
I like the fire stone
I like to walk alone

Doe Waka
Doe Waka
Doe Waka
Doe Waka

Fourth: Story - Joseph’s discover

Once upon a time there was a boy called Joseph who was very clever and curious about everything surround him. One day Joseph heard about God and His Creation.

His friend Daniel used to go to a Spiritist Centre where he learns about God and all His magnanimous creation. Daniel learns that everything is God’s Creation: the nature, the soil, the ocean, the sun, the plants, the human beings, the universe, and the rain, actually EVERYTHING.

Joseph seemed like he did not understand anything, so Daniel continued….

Joseph, I learned that God is all powerful and all love. For that reason He Created the Universe for us to live, He Created the Spirits who populate the Universe beyond the material world and He Created us for love and in order to love.

After this conversation Joseph decided to find out more about it. He took a pencil, a book and voice recorder with him. Joseph asked his mother if he could go to a little forest next to his house as he had a big issue to sort out. His mother didn’t understand but decides to let him go.

Joseph met Mr Tree who was together with other Trees, as soon as he arrives at the little forest. Joseph started his investigation asking:

- Mr Tree, I am here to interview a few of you. Would you mind if I ask you some questions?

Mr Tree was very proud to be able to help Joseph:

- “Yes for sure”, said Mr Tree.
- Mr. Tree, do you remember in what date you were created and how it happened?
- Oh Joseph, sorry I don’t remember the date, but what I know it was around a century ago. Now, about how I was created the only thing I can tell you is all trees are part of the Nature and all Nature was created by our Father God.

Joseph became very impressed to hear about this God again, so he gave thanks to Mr. Tree and continued his mission.

He now met Mr Waterfall:
- Hi Mr Waterfall, would you mind if I ask you few questions?
- Yes Joseph, of course.
- Mr Waterfall, please could tell me what date you were created and how it happened?
- Wow Joseph, that’s a very big question! I am sorry, but unfortunately, I can’t remember the date that I was created. The only thing I know is that water is part of the Nature and all the Nature belongs to God, that’s all His Creation.
- Thank you Mr Waterfall! – Joseph said

Now Joseph met Mr and Mrs Ant on the floor working very hard.
- Hi Mr and Mrs Ant, I am sorry to interrupt you both. Could I quickly ask you 2 questions?
- Yes, but only if we can continue working.
- Yeah, yeah, said Joseph, no problem. Please just tell me what date and how you both were created?

Mr and Mrs Ant looked one on another. But they didn’t know how to answer Joseph.

- Joseph, sorry but we don’t know it. The only think we know we are God’s Creation and all the animals are part of a big family called God’s Creation.

- Thank you very much for your time, Mr and Mrs Ant.

Joseph met Miss Flower.
- Hi Miss Flower, would you mind if I ask you few questions?
- Yes, nice Joseph, tell me what you would like to know about.
- I wonder when and how you were created.
- Joseph you are a very clever boy! That was God and His incredible love! He Created me pretty as I am and you clever as you are!

Joseph gave thanks to Miss Flower and left the little forest without a proper answer to his question.
On his way home he met his neighbour who was an old and nice man. Joseph always sees him taking care of his flowers, fruits, vegetables and dogs. He also likes going to the little forest and he has many friends there. Joseph thought he might help him.

- Hi Mr Danson, how are you?
- I am very happy Joseph, my plants are growing and this year I am very luck; the fruits are gorgeous!
- Oh Mr Danson, I think you will be able to answer my question. I went to the forest and asked it to the tree, to the waterfall, to the ants, the flower, but no one was able to answer me.
- What is it then?
- What date and how they were created, no one remember!
- Oh Joseph, have you already asked it to yourself? Do you remember the date and how you were created?

Joseph hasn’t thought about it yet and he couldn’t remember either. So Mr Danson continued…
- Joseph, you are very clever boy and tell me: would you be able to create a natural tree?
- No.
- Would you be able to create any animal?
- No.
- Would you be able to create water?
- No.
- Would you be able to create any type of flower?
- No, not at all!
- So, clever boys like you and me understand that God is the Creator of everything in the world! Only God is able to create all those things that we don’t such as the nature, ourselves, the universe, the air, …

- Now do you understand what God means?
- Oh now yes. God has created everything that we can’t.
- Good boy, but don’t forget God Created all the nature and the spirits to live in peace with one another and we should take care and use them carefully and respectfully.
- God loves us and we should love and respect His work too!
- Yes, Mr. Danson, I got it!

Fifth: Activity - Big Poster with God’s Creation


The Spiritist worker can encourage the kids to create their own drawings on the poster too.

Sixth: Videos
A family is carelessly and unknowingly wasting energy from the moment they wake up. Until something unexpectedly happens

 Earth Day Video For Kids

Seventh: Origami - Prepare a paper flower 


Eighth: Healing Theatre - Introduce our Special Guest of the day. Prepare the kids for the healing time and say that someone very important would come to join us today. The kids will have time with the Spirit Benefactor, who can either explain the importance of the healing for us or answer their questions.

Ninth: Preparation for closing prayer - Kids should choose a passage from the: Gospel According to the Spiritism for the kids, The Spirits Book for kids or the Heaven or Hell. The volunteer will encourage the others kids to volunteer themselves for reading and give a quickly comment about it.

Tenth: Closing prayer - One of the children will do a closing prayer; encourage the children to volunteer for this task. If they don’t want to collaborate we could say we will follow the letters of the alphabet. The child’s name that starts with the letter A will do the opening prayer this time. Everybody will have the chance to collaborate.

Spiritist volunteer: Juana Castro, London, linked to The Spiritist Psychological Society.

Suggested activity to be given as Homework:

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