Apples and People (Storie)

My son came home one afternoon from school and asked me:

- Are all people the same even if their skin colour is different?

I thought for a moment… I then said:   ...>>

- I'll tell you, if you can wait for me. I need to quickly stop by the grocery store. I have got something interesting to show you.

I said at the shop we needed to buy apples. We went to the fruit section where we bought some red apples, green apples and yellow apples.

I said to Adam at home, as we put the apples in the fruit bowl:

- Now I can answer your question.

I place different types of apples on the table: first I placed a red apple, followed by a green apple and then a yellow apple. I then looked at Adam, who was sitting across the table and said:

- Adam, people are just like those apples. They all have all different colours, shapes and sizes. See, some apples took a few hits. We can see they have been damaged by these hits.

On the outside we can’t guarantee they are as delicious as the others.

While I was talking to Adam, he was examining each one carefully. Then I took each apple, peeled and placed on the table once again, but in different places and asked:

- Adam, tell me what is the red apple, the green apple and the yellow apple.

He then said:

- I can’t tell you. Now they seem all alike.

- Take a bite of each of them. See if this helps you figure out which is which.

He took big bites and then, with a huge smile on his face, he came over and said:

- People are like apples! They are all different, but on the outside. Inside we are all the same.

- That’s right! I agreed. Each person has their own personality, but they are basically equal to one another.

He totally understood the message. I don’t need to say or do anything else. And now when I bite an apple, I can taste it a little bit sweeter than before.

Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies. 

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