A Special Present (Story)

A Special Present

         Mrs. Molly is a very sweet lady. She is also very pretty. She lives in a house with a gorgeous garden. Her husband’s name is Mr. Joseph and they have two children: Fiona and Aidan.

         One day, as Mrs. Molly got home from work, she heard a noise: it seemed to be a meowing. She went outside to check what was going on and met a pretty girl kitten, sitting by the front door. It seemed that the kitten was asking for help.

         Mrs. Molly, who loves animals and had three of them in her childhood, picked the kitten up, patted her, fed her and gave her some water.

         The children, who were also very fond of cats, adored the new family member. Everyone started to take care of Dorothee, as they named her. Dorothee loved her new home! Mrs. Molly made her a bed and every day before going to work, Dorothee would walk through her legs.

         As time went by, Mrs. Molly figured out that Dorothee was growing fat and her womb was becoming bigger and bigger: she was pregnant. Then, on a Saturday morning, Dorothee gave birth to three pretty kittens. Dorothee took care of them, feeding and licking them. Fiona and Aidan prepared a bed for the kittens but they all wanted to sleep with their mother.

         When the kittens were born, the family didn’t give them a name right away. Each one of them took the responsibility to take care of each cat. Mrs. Molly continued to be responsible for Dorothee. Fiona was interested in taking care of the black kitten with white stripes. Aidan wanted the smallest one, which was almost all black, and Mr. Joseph was the protector of the white kitten. This way, because they still didn’t have their names, they were called Mr. Joseph’s cat, Aidan’s cat, and Fiona’s cat.

         It was hard for the family to decide about the cats names. For this reason, after some weeks from their birth, on a hot summer night, they all gathered on the garden to choose their names. It was a special night: Mrs. Molly prepared hot dogs for everyone, and milk for the cats, including Dorothee who was laying on the grass observing everything.

         While the family tried to decide about the names, Dorothee would listen attentively. When she didn’t like a name they chose, she would stay still. When they said a nice name, she would walk through Mrs. Molly’s leg. So, Fiona’s cat was now called Nina, Aidan’s cat was called Aquene and Myleen was the name given to Mr. Joseph’s cat.

         The kittens grew strong and pretty. They were taken to the veterinary surgeon, and were already vaccinated. Mrs. Molly and her family are aware of the importance of taking proper care of pets, being loving to them because they are God’s present to human beings.

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