Do not believe in what comes easy.

Many afflictions invade our spirit, in face of our own unfulfilled desires.

Do not expect great sums of money for you to be happy.

Give thanks to Heaven for you can work, because it is your work that will assure your living and the living of those you love.

Do not wait for happiness to realize your own dreams.   ...>>

Today’s satisfaction may turn into tomorrow’s poverty whose probations you will not probably resist.
Do not believe that a human being that holds enormous power will have the means to solve the problems that fill your existence.
It is most likely that this person, whose merit is deserved, may be carrying a heavier burden than yourself.
If you intend to live away from daily unrest, do not demand from others what they are still not able to give away;
If you want to live happily with a peaceful mind, help your neighbor as much as you can, work incessantly and trust the Lord.

Spirit: Emmanuel
Medium: Francisco Cândido Xavier

In “Cartas do Coração” – “LAKE” Edition

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