God’s Firemen

There are many different ways we can help others:
Fighting poverty;
Expanding charity;
Creating generosity;
consoling suffering.
There is, however, one thing anybody can do, anywhere: it is to offer calmness to those going through difficult moments.
Remember all the spiritual blessings you can distribute and do not undervalue them.   ...>>

When facing complaints and criticism, be tolerant, as much as possible, in order to re-establish harmony between accusers and accused ones.

When feeling hurt and offended, keep silent and try to forget the offenses which victimized you so as to avoid the evil effects of delinquency.

If you think someone is exaggeratedly aggressive towards you, stay calm and this will heal troubled hearts and pacify the atmosphere.

If you meet opposite ideas which might cause disagreement, use your understanding and this will keep away conflicts which might provoke bitterness.

In any situation, remember that you can act positively using kindness and understanding as weapons which will, in turn, guarantee peace to all.

Remember that when a spark is produced thoughtlessly it can be turned into a fire which is devastating and out of control.

Any of us, if acting without responsibility, can generate deadly fires which can destroy the best of our lives.

Therefore, wherever we are, let’s always be GOD’S FIREMEN.

Spirit: Emmanuel

Medium: Francisco Cândido Xavier
In: “Caminho de Volta” – GEEM Edition – original in portuguese.

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