Trials & Tribulations

Nobody is an exception.
Life on Earth is made up of evolutionary experiences, in which the development process is carried out by way of edifying courses on suffering.
However, not all tribulations arise from the authority of the divine laws.

*      *      *

When a Spirit realizes the errors committed in one stage, it beseeches the blessing of starting again, to improve under the scourge of pain. So teaching them to value the opportunity and to improve conditions for future equilibrium.

Thus, understanding life as an eternal evolutionary process, achieving at a given opportunity what was ignored in another, and when this occurs, it is because love was disregarded and archievements will be gained through suffering.

*      *      *
Programmed tribulations are a blessing and should be experienced with happiness, using every moment even when apparently under pungent agony.
On other occasions purification is imperative and the sovereign codes await the opportunity to release from penal servitude those who stubbornly gave themselves up to a frenzy. They are invited to expiate and make amends and thus they will conquer peace, by way of most painful and anguishing tasks, whether by restraints or mutilation or yearning...

*      *      *
Jesus said:
"On Earth you will only find suffering" as the world is still a school of development whose methods are the result of the most immediate needs of its students.
Thus converting each tribulation into a valuable victory, instilling its contents intimately so as not to repeat the same mistakes which tie you now to the path of pain.

*      *      *

Suffering you will appreciate happiness and peace, and you will better love your neighbour, thus understanding better his sufferings which are companions to your own.
With no debts to redeem, Jesus offered himself to Life, experiencing the harshest of imaginable tribulations, so we might understand that in the process of evolution, love is light, shining constantly. Even as hardships summon us to understand and incorporate love in our daily life.

Source: "Recipes for Peace", by the spirit Joanna de Angelis, Divaldo P.Franco, 1984.

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