Madness and suicide

Among the scourges that befall Humanity, madness and suicide can be highlighted as the most distressful, destroying many human lives, proving the collapse of many of today’s values.

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The first one, madness, apart from the origin known to psychic sciences, it is also the consequence of debts the Spirit harbours during the process of its evolution, in this or previous incarnations. As an inevitable aftermath of pride and extravagant and disintegrating passions, these imperfections manifest in the cells and the mental zone, producing disorders that degenerate into states of disturbance and unbalance.

On other occasions, the instruments of the psychic organization, under the action of the indebted Spirit himself, give way for the installation of prevalent factors for madness or incite circumstances which are transformed into predisposing causes of it.

Lastly, because of guilt complexes and negative commitments kept, those Spirits who thus remain, propitiate syntonization with perverse and vicious Entities, who take care of unleashing processes of hallucination, only known within the vast theme of obsession.

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In the meanwhile, suicide, not uncommonly the final stage of psychic pathologies, reaches surprising numbers in the moral economy of society.

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Amongst the causes of suicide, we can consider the present ones, which are the produce of abuses which generate frustrations and dissatisfactions, discomfort and revolt. We can also consider the previous causes, those that proceed from the other lives the spiritual being enjoyed, during its many reincarnations, and Divinity uses these criteria to promote progress and the conquest of relevant values for the being.

One of the most heinous attempts against life that man permits himself, suicide derives from rebelliousness that takes him over, when his demands are neglected and from the escape mechanisms to which he succumbs.

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As a psychic phenomenon, having been deeply studied by scientists of the mind and behavior, suicide has been growing in all epochs and especially in our present days becoming general in all social groups where the human being dwells.

Nothing justifies it, nor is there any motive that within reason and knowledge can offer it as a legitimate answer to the challenging problems faced by all in the ascensional journey.

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Like madness, suicide is madness, and amongst other known factors its causes can be found in spiritual disorders, in revenges from beyond the grave brought about  by those who departed from their bodies by death, but who have not escaped from life itself.

Madness and suicide, therefore, are elements of the same human equation, defying scholars and awaiting that those who fall into the intricate webs of its hapless net find the courage to overcome them.

** ** **
The burden of eradicating from Earth these two dreadful enemies of humanity belongs to all of us.
By way of fraternal and encouraging words intercessory prayers and acts of Christian kindness we can change many situations from advancing and culminating in madness or suicide.
Jovial behavior and charitable interests awaken those who are being caught up by the artifices of madness, offering them the means to free themselves from these strong chains.

** ** **
Watch what originates in your heart and mind, avoiding tripping on the subtle cruelties of such tormenting enemies of man.

** ** **
In the face of difficulties, ponder so as to act correctly.
Under dangerous dictates, meditate before any precipitated reaction which may consume the hope for peace.
On encountering misfortune, consider the blessing of time which is the great solver of all vicissitudes
Exposed to violent experiences, which cause you to fear, conducting you almost to the brink or to disenchantment, be revived by the certainty that, undoubtedly, better days will come.
Whichever path you follow, you will encounter suffering as an inevitable occurrence in human existence.
In this respect, no one will come forth as an exception.

** ** **
Every creature carries, with greater or lesser dignity, its burden of pain. It is true that some persons suffer more, experience mor distressing afflictions, however they are undergoing inevitable processes of reparation for ancient events originated in previous existences.

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The manner in which you receive your tests will answer for your success or failure.
So, shield yourself in equilibrium, avoiding the violent situations of madness and suicide, which today as yesterday continue to imprison creatures, and later destroy their fleshly lives.

** ** **
Jesus the Incomparable Friend of sufferers, in all moments of His life, taught us that the solution for peace and happiness is in fraternal love.
In His footsteps, in each event and before everyone, optimism and unlimited trust in God made up the key-note of His teachings, ratified in His daily existence.
Thus, accept fraternal love and serenity in the Father Creator, renewing yourself and serving your fellow creature, as being a prophylactic measure to avoid madness and suicide, or as a curative therapy when the syndromes of one or another misfortune are already showing up in your daily life leading you up the ramp of instability.

Joanna de Ângelis

Quelle: Book: Recipes for Peace, By the Spirit Joanna de Angelis /medium: Divaldo Franco, Cap.17, Edition 1996, Publisher: Livraria Espirita Alvorada Editora.

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