Inner Christmas

Joanna de Angelis (Spirit) / Divaldo Franco (Medium)

Hovering over the great moral night that covers humanity are Jesus’ consoling promises announced at a time relatively like now, when profligacy and misery disputed for distinction and suffering, commanded by the Roman usurper power was reducing the world to a condition lesser than slave.

Conceited by conquests compelling individuals towards the exterior world, they twist in constrictions of anguish and suffer the rude effects of disbelief, which they surrendered themselves to, thereby overlooking God and their soul, while crowing about their body and dissolving passions in their adventures, which become obscene and fouled nightmares.

Nevertheless, while individuals propose demands for peace, they still spread wars. Even though they feed technological progress, they throw themselves to the cliffs of madness and suicide.
These days of opulence and meanness, exuberance and scarceness are demonstrating that only the ethics of the Gospel carries hope.
This crazy culture continues offending human conscience, because its ethics remain based on immediate material interests.

In the face of colliding paradoxes at the dawn of civilization, individuals find themselves compelled to use more respect when examining their lives and be extremely thoughtful about their own destiny. Undeniably in their quest, they will discover they are an immortal being and will understand their current proposition is the same as that distilled from primitive* Christian thought.
Within these creatures, who are candidates for renewal, Jesus is silently born thereby, beginning a new phase.

May this Christmas, such as the one that happened two  thousand years ago, illuminate your life, May it conduct you toward fulfilment by making you look around and experience solidarity with those who suffer, sowing gifts of hope and mercy that make many happy, while changing the landscape where you find yourself. And motivated by angelic voices, you will repeat the unforgettable motto:
“Glory to God in heaven, peace on Earth, and goodwill towards humankind.

*Primitive here means first Christians
Source: Book “Alegria de Viver” (Joy of Living) by Joanna de Angelis(Spirit) psychographed by Divaldo Franco (Medium) LEAL Editora

           From Spiritist Magazine, oct-dec 2014  -

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