God, your haven of rest

God is your perfect friend, accessible, always willing to listen to your  complaints, and ready to propose solutions to your problems.

God never tires, and never gets exasperated.

If sought, He attends patiently.
When rejected by ignorance or rebellion, He stands by discreetly, awaiting.

Though silent, He speaks through all forms of Nature, and manifests His  power in so many ways that cannot go unnoticed.  ...>>
Ever merciful, God is a haven of rest where you find comfort for your troubles, and where peace awaits the one who seeks shelter.

God is close enough to acknowledge your needs. Nevertheless, He neither constrains, nor forces you to accept His help.

He propounds constructive suggestions to your problems, and wise counsels  to illumine your inner self.

Sometimes He heightens your perceptions so that you may avoid disastrous events, and benefit from the favorable ones.
With God in your heart and mind, you will act prudently and perform your duties wisely.

God sees to all your needs; but will not take them over, as it would disregard your efforts and hinder your learning.

God blesses you whether or not you seek Him.
However, if you raise the vibrations of your thoughts, and seek attunement with Him, you shall better absorb the irradiation of His supreme love.

Always rely on God – your trusty, dependable, and paternal friend.  

Joanna de Angelis

Psychographic message by Divaldo Pereira Franco from the book Child of God.
From Website: www.ssbaltimore.org

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