Divaldo Pereira Franco - Poem of Gratitude - Poema da Gratidão

In november 21, 1962, Divaldo Franco received "The Poem of Gratitude" from the spirit Amélia Rodrigues. Since then the medium in his lectures "feeling the taste of his own emotions". He tells the audience what he feels at that very moment. Feel that emotion, watching and listening to Divaldo in the closing of the lecture he gave at the International Spiritist Congress that took place in October 1989 in Brasília (Brazil)...   


Thank you, Lord for these hands that are mine,
levers of action, of progress, of redemption.
I am grateful for hands that wave goodbyes,
for hands that give tenderness,
and relieve suffering,
for hands that caress,
for hands that draft the laws,
and for the ones that heal the wounds,
rectifying the departed flesh,
in order to reduce the pain of so many lives!
For hands that work the soil,
that support suffering and stop tears,
for hands that help those who suffer, those who endure...
For hands that shine with these traits
are like sublime stars glistening on my arms!

And for feet that lead me to walk,
erect, firm and steady,
feet of renunciation that follow, humble and noble without complaints.
And those who are amputees, the cripples,
the wounded, and the deformed,
those who are held back from atonement
for crimes committed in another incarnation...

I pray for them and I can affirm
that in your kingdom, after the struggle of this painful life, they can dance
and in sublime transport with your arms also to caress.
I know that everything is possible
when You want to offer
even that on earth that seems incredible!

Thank you, Lord for my home,
a retreat of peace or school of love,
a mansion of glory,
or a small room, a palace or abandoned shanty, a shack or a house of misery!
Thank you, Lord for the love I have and for my home...
But, even if I
don't have a home
or friendly roof to shelter me, or nothing else to comfort me,
if I don't possess anything,
but the roads and the stars in the sky as a restful bed and a soft sheet,
and I have no one by my side, living and crying alone, aimlessly,
without someone to console me,
I will still say and I will sing:

Thank you, Lord because I love You and I know that you love me,
because you gave me a jovial life, happy for your favored love...

Thank you, Lord, because I was born,
Thank you, because I Believe in You!
And because you rescue me with love,
today and always,
Thank you, Lord!

Amélia Rodrigues (Spirit) / Divaldo Franco (Medium)

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