Joanna de Angelis /Divaldo Franco

Depression has its genesis in the Spirit that reincarnates with a high degree of guilt when it comes close to negative factors that mark its march through the evolutionary process. This spirit has not yet decided to be definitively freed from these factors.

A guilty conscience suffers irritations that dilacerate intimate happiness, marking the body’s cells with the elements that disconnect them, propitiating, over a long term, the unleashing of this psychosis which dominates millions of persons at this moment.

*  *  *
Should we wish to study the genetic, organic and psychological causes, as closely as the sciences charged with penetrating the problem, we must take into account the immortal Spirit as the producer of the emotional and physical problems it needs to grow in the direction of God.

Depression installs itself, little by little, because the disconnected psychic currents that unleash it, slowly break down mental equilibrium.

When it appears, in a domineering way its roots are already fixed to the problems of the soul whether rebellious or afraid to proceed in the redeeming tasks undertaken.

In view of its troublesome manifestations, emergency therapy is indispensable, despite the fact that the pure and simple application of current academic methods is not sufficient to eradicate it.

*  *  *
Should the anxiety generating psychosocial, social-economic and psycho-affective conflicts remain, the disturbances of the individual’s behavior will certainly be repeated, leading to states of depression again.
*  *  *
Open up to love and you will combat depressive events. Move peacefully in the area of affection, with your thoughts on God.
Avoid the futile use of time, but be careful of voraciousness for excess work.
Apply mental discipline in your resignation towards disagreeable events which you are unable to change.
*  *  *
When besieged by depressive ideas, open up your field of reasoning ynd combat pessimistic thoughts.

Harried by vague, pernicious thoughts, bring forth the aspirations of battle and overcome tiredness.
*  *  *
He who qualifies in well managed actions and conveys reason in a balanced fashion, does not fall into the webs of depression.

Every time a negative idea attempts to appear on the screens of your mind, blocking out good sense, revert to prayer and polyvalent concepts, to thwart its fixation.
*  *  *
Thanking God for the blessing of carnal renaissance, be aware of your usefulness and significance. Fight the fears of the spiritual past, the mechanisms of unconscious guilt and the labour with joy.

Whether receiving specialized treatment, under the guidance of a physician or not deepen the spiritual therapy and respond knowing that all the ills that make man unhappy derive from the Spirit that he is. For, victories and defeats are framed in the wide mechanism of inevitable evolution

By the spirit Joanna de Angelis, medium: Divaldo P. Franco, Book: Recipes for Peace, cap. 11, p.65

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