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Message from a Teen in the Spirit World

Spirit Author: Neio Lucio
Medium: Francisco Cândido Xavier     
Publisher: Edicei

In the afterlife, a teenager named Carlos explains to his sibling, Dirce, his impressions of his new life in the spirit realm with his discarnate relatives and new friends. Carlos also affirms the fact that life after death is but the continuation of life in the physical body, and he emphasizes our need to live in accordance with the Christ's teachings.

Our Father

Spirit Author: Meimei
Medium: Francisco Cândido Xavier
Publisher: Edicei

This is a children's book published by the International Spiritist Council. We cannot say, though, that it is just another children’s book, because the beauty, appropriate and intelligent way in which the Lord’s Prayer is treated
gives us the chance to learn about the true meaning contained in this prayer that Jesus himself taught us. 
The author of the book, MEIMEI, is an enlightened spirit who reveals herself to us as a missionary of the good and the light in our daily lives in each of her writings. She never neglects children’s education, which is always based on the lessons found in the Gospel of the Lord. The book is comprised of highly constructive poems, stories and folk tales based on the Lord’s Prayer. It will undoubtedly foster the process of evangelizing young people. The book contains fragments of her kind heart offered to children in the form of an easy-to-understand
story. In it they will be able to learn about the meaning of forgiveness, temptation, God’s love, and the unwavering shelter that the Father offers us, and about our obligations to him so that we might benefit from his kindness and mercy. In this manner, the author offers alternatives to solutions for each problem or hardship that might arise in our daily lives, with the support of the teachings that the
Master gave us in the Lord’s Prayer. It is a must-have book for any Spiritist bookshelf and is extremely helpful in the endeavor of evangelization.

The biggest swamp in the world
Author: Adeilson Salles
Publisher: Edicei

This is one more story by Adeilson Salles. It addresses an important topic for children: the freedom to act and the consequences of one’s choices. It introduces Eleoterio, an irritable frog who gripes about his living situation because he doesn’t want to keep on living in the swamp and eating the same old insects. Do you know what Eleoterio wants the most? What his greatest dream is? He wants to travel … to travel … and visit what the title says – THE BIGGEST SWAMP IN THE WORLD. By following Eleoterio’s adventures and the good and bad choices he makes along the way, children will appreciate his persistence in looking for happiness and the results of his choices.

My First Teddy Bear
Author: Elsa Rossi
Publisher: Spiritist Group of Brighton (2006)
ISBN-10: 8590646408

A beautiful story helping children cope with the death of a beloved one.

Life Tells Us II 
Author:  Francisco Candido Xavier by the spirit NEIO LUCIO
Publisher: FEB

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