Animals – love and respect for the animals

Class suggested being suitable for: 1st cycle (7 to 8 years old).

Opening prayer
First: distribute envelopes with animal puzzles. Ask each child to assemble theirs.

Second: ask what is in the picture that they assembled. Does anyone know or has in any of these animals home? What do they eat? How do they live? Do they all have the body covered by the same type of skin? (feathers, furs...)

Which of these animals are useful to man; help men? What is the use of them to man? (Horse – Transport; Chicken - eggs, meat; Cow - milk, meat, leather for clothing, shoes, etc.).

Third: what type of care should we provide to the animals? How should we treat them? (E.g. not mistreat the animals; feed them, give them water, bathe them, care for them…)

Ask the children if they have pet at home and if they help caring for the pet. Explain that just as we like, respect and care for our pets, we must behave in the same way with all animals. We should not use animals for fun as bullfighting, cock cockfight, dog fight. Every animal should live in their habitat (natural environment), so we should not breed animals in captivity. Tell them that there are animals that live in the woods, cold regions, hot regions, etc. All creatures are important in nature; each one has its function, even if it’s unknown to us.

Fourth: ask the children who created the animals. They are God's creation. Living beings are created by God and deserve our love, respect and care. They are very sensitive as they are living beings; they can feel joy and suffering. The animals are very important to life on Earth. They maintain the balance of creation and beautify nature; when domesticated they become our friends. They are part of the harmony of the Universe; are useful to man and nature. It is important to preserve and live in harmony with animals.

Click here to find images of puzzles we have assembled. You will find lots of pictures of animals on the web.

Fifth: suggested activities.

1 - Guess which is the animal here!

2 - Connect and find out!

Closing prayer

Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, Sir William Crookes Spiritist Society linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies.

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