Gospel at Home

Open Prayer
First: explain to the children the practice oft he Gospel at home.
Open Prayer:  Begin with a short spontaneous prayer. Remember that sentiment and sincerity are essentials.
Read a passage from The Gospel According To Spiritism, by Allan Kardec (older children) or a children sotory with a good moral pupose (younger children). When there are young children participating, it is important to adapt the Gospel at Home and use stories which are adequate to Jesus’ Gospel so the children can understand the messages discussed.

Books Suggested: A Primer on Being Good (Meimei), The Gospel According to Spiritism for Young Adults and Beginners (Laura Bergallo – Spiritist Alliance for Books), The Lord’s Prayer (Meimei), Jesus In The Home (Néio Lúcio), O Evangelho Segundo o Espiritismo para a Infância (Maria Helena Fernandes Leite – Edições FEESP – not yet translated), Grãos de Mostarda Collection (Um projeto do Grupo de Estudos Espíritas “Os Mensageiros” – not yet translated), Conte Mais Collection (Federação Espírita do Rio Grande do Sul – not yet translated).

Comment the text or the story

The next step is the “Vibrations”. This is the time when we send good thoughts to other who are in need. Our prayers should include thoughts for our planet, for the varying countries, for hospitals, for particular areas of need that week, any person in need of special help at the moment, world peace, fraternity amongst all men, etc.

We then ask the water to be magnetized. It is useful to place a jug of water on the table during the study and then distributed theis water amongst the participants after the closing prayer. Magnetized or fluidified water is used for it’s strong capabilities of energy capture and transmission.  Through the processes of spiritual or semi-spiritual magnetism, wather that has been designated for such use is magnetized, whereby it is impregnated with healthy, restorative fluids that benefit those who drink it. This water can also be drunk during the week.

Final Prayer. We finisch our “Gospel at Home” Practice with a short spontaneous prayer.

Obs.: It’s important to choose a day and time during the week when as many members of the family as possible can be present. This day and time is then kept RIGOROUSLY every week, so assuring constant spiritual assistance (the good spiritis are very busy just like us and respect the schedules established). The spiritist teacher can add any complementary information if necessary.

Second- Learning opportunity : We are going to use the « Musical box » technique. The spiritist teacher should play a spiritist song which is known by the children. The children should be sitting in a circle and a box should be given to them. A soon as the music starts, the children will start handing the box over to the child sitting next to them. When the music stops, whoever is holding the box will have to open it and get one of the questions that were placed inside the box before the activity started. This technique is also known as Hot Potato (game). If the child gives the correct answer, he/she will get a candy as an incentive. If the child can’t read, please ask he/she to hand the question over to the spiritist teacher soi t can be read. Comment scan be added as the answers are given, if needed.

Suggested questions for thes learning opportunity.

  1. How doas the practice of the Gospel at home start ?
  2. How shoul we behave at the Gospel at home practice?
  3. Whom shoul we address prayers at the Gospel at Home practice?
  4. Which books should we read at the Gospel at Home practice?
  5. Why does the water become magnetized?
  6. What is the importance of magnetized water?
  7. What is the importance of magnetized water?
  8. Whom shall we pray for at the Gospel at home practice?
  9. What shall we thank for at the Gospel at home practice?
  10. Can the Gospel at home practice be done at any time and at any day?
  11. What happens at the house where the Gospel at home is practiced?
  12. What shall we do if we receive unexpected visitors when we are in the middle of the Gospel at home practice?
  13. What should we do if we can’t do the Gospel at home practice at the chosen day and time?
  14. What shall we do to close the meeting?
  15. Who should take part at the Gospel at home practice?

Closing Prayer

Spiritist Teachers: Carla and Cleusa
Translation: Carolina von Sharten, London, Sir William Crookes Spiritist Society linked to BUSS – The British Union of Spiritist Societies.