Education (Message from Joanna de Angelis/ Divaldo Franco)

Dear friends:
May Jesus, the Master by excellence, bless and keep us in peace.
The frustration of society’s moral constructions is due in particular to education that was unable to achieve the integral being through Unicist Psychological methods.

More concerned with knowledge transmission, without the proper care to build up noble habits, it worked more towards the intellectual development rather than with the profound values of sentiment. As a consequence, we follow the scientific-technological progress, which facilitated the penetration on the most intricate Universe problems and enigmas, elucidating innumerable ones, but unable to heed them, as it becomes indispensable, the needs of human beings agonizing on depressive conflicts and exploding in aggression and urban violence, destroying countless lives...

The individual, searching for escaping mechanisms from torments that hurts him or her, slips into the morbid use of tobacco, alcohol and other chemical drugs, negligent sex and useless attempts to void the  dissatisfactions one finds oneself.

Religious education, nevertheless, entailed with fanaticism and without the correct vision of the integral being, has worthlessly tried to build new converts into their congregation, not concerned to produce noble men and women towards their edification as well as the society, without the constraints imposed by dogmatic castration of each loyal or dissident group of primitive Christianity.

Because of this, we face a society built on performances of religious faith, people without any religiosity, who lost the higher meaning of life, and soon the exterior staging being over, they escape to the exempt swelling ground of primitive passions or abandoning themselves due to the lack of control of their rudimentary instincts that still predominate.

Only a reevaluation of the educational proposals, whenever able to stand up to its own mistakes and failures, at the same time presenting new ennoblement programs, which would invite the student to identify the real values, the reason to live, and the existential purposes of its immortality and the imposing of reincarnation as a manifestation of the Divine Justice, that's when we would trust the future and expect ripe fruits.

This commitment is reserved to Spiritist educators who, by holding the meaning of life and the essential goals that are reserved for the human being, will be able to lead students towards the integral education, whereas the Spiritist is fundamental on shaping the personality of a child or a youth, complementing the conventional academic education.
The ancient Toltec people, more than three thousand years ago, already taught that human being is made of a hidden light in the body, and overcoming this obstruction to be fully illuminated, is the real purpose of Earthly existence
Confirming this revelation, Jesus told us that He “is the light of the world"; thanks to such clarity we will overcome the shadows that still prevail on our animal nature. Later, Allan Kardec presented us with enlightening information that only moral education; not moral education through books, but that which consists in the art of forming character; that which creates habits, because education is the sum of acquired habits will lead us to achieve the needs of dignity and
freedom for the Spirit. He concluded by saying: Disorder and lack of foresight are two sores that only a sound education can heal, thus empowering peace and progress for all peoples.

Relying on the excellent work that is planned for the IV National Meeting of Spiritist Educators, we plea the blessings of our Beloved Father for all of us who seek the best resources in order to assemble fortunate humans, and the society of the future.

(This page was received through automatic writing by the medium Divaldo Franco, in the evening meeting on July 17 2002 at the Spiritist Center Pathway to Redemption in Salvador, Brazil)