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Allan Kardec (Lesson Plan)

Opening Prayer

First: please tell the children the story of Allan Kardec.

Click here  for Allan Kardec’s biography by Anne Blackwell, extracted from the Spirits' Book, translator's preface, FEB (5th edition).

Click here to download Power point that can be used – received from Gisel Haddad - KSSF Kardecian Study Society of Florida.

Obs.: the story should be told in accordance with the classes’ maturity and/or conditions. It needs to be done in a way that it will be clear to all children. If there is more than one spiritist teacher, we suggest you split the story so that each one would tell one part to the children. You could also take copies of The Five Fundamental Works of Spiritism (1 The Spirits' Book, 2 The Mediums' Book, 3 The Gospel According to Spiritism, 4 Heaven and Hell, 5 The Genesis According to Spiritism); plus the Spiritist Review to class. You could also take pictures of Allan Kardec and Amélie Gabrielle Boudet.

Second: at the end of the story, we suggest to use the following questions. These answers will allow you to reflect on Allan Kardec’s situation in the spiritual plane. The spiritist teacher should highlight we can try to imagine what could have happened to him according to the facts we know of his life in Earth. 

  • Who must have received Kardec in the spiritual world? He must have been received by spiritual  friends. He definitely went through a period where he would have to readapt to the spiritual   world, as we all do.
  •  Where did he go? He went to a spiritual colony; a hospital. He there would have the opportunity to reflect over his last reincarnation in planet Earth.
  • What was Allan Kardec’s mission whilst he was reincarnate in Earth? Allan Kardec’s mission was the Codification of Spiritism. He needed to organise the information received form the spiritual benefactors. He was then able to codify The Five Fundamental Works of Spiritism (1 The Spirits' Book, 2 The Mediums' Book, 3 The Gospel According to Spiritism, 4 Heaven and Hell, 5 The Genesis According to Spiritism). Please mention these 5 titles to the children in order to highlight the importance of these books. Please emphasize that the Spiritist Doctrine was written by Kardec, but the knowledge came fro the spirits. He just organised the material which was received through mediums. (Resource for the Spiritist teacher: Allan Kardec's spiritual mission on earth was to lift the veil that separates the present and the future of humankind. Allan Kardec, with wisdom and compassion, turned the Spiritist Doctrine into a Christian lighthouse of hope and consolation. Allan Kardec felt the presence of the Divine Spirit, and wholly dedicated himself to attracting humanity to God and Christ.)
  • What has Allan Kardec done in the spiritual world? He studies, worked and prepared himself for a new reincarnation.

Has Kardec reincarnated again? We don’t know.

Third: Activities:>> questionnaire with word finder.+ answers

Closing Prayer

Class suggested being suitable for: 2nd (9 to 10 years old) and 3rd cycles (11 to 12 years old).

Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, Sir William Crookes Spiritist Society linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies.
Picture: http://lubeheraborde.blogspot.ch/2012/07/allan-kardec.html

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