Lesson Plan: Water – importance and usefulness

Opening Prayer

First: please tell the children the story Saving the Water.

Saving the Water

         Anne Louise was a beautiful, well educated, responsible and loving girl whom everyone adored. Even though she was only 6 years old, she was quite independent. She was able to do her homework on her own, showered without complaining and even helped her mom by making her bed every morning and organizing her toys.

         She would also help her mom looking after her little brother Lucas, a beautiful baby with big blue eyes.

         One day she was invited by her auntie Clare to spend the weekend in the house of her grandma Leticia. Anne was really happy with the invite since she was going to visit her grandma and spend the weekend with her cousins Tassiane and Talita.

         Her mom helped her pack the backs, but Anne was not able to sleep the night before because she was quite excited with the trip. On the next day, they travelled to the city. They observed the nature, the beautiful landscape and sun. Anne and her mother thanked God’s kindness for creating the nature, the trees and flowers that were embellishing the way to the city.

         Once they arrived at her granny’s home, they were welcomed with lots of hugs and kisses. They all went to the house to enjoy a delicious snack prepared by Grandma Leticia. As soon as they finished eating, the grandma went to the kitchen to do the washing. Anne decided to help her dry the dishes and realised her granny used the least amount of detergent possible and didn't leave the water running for rinsing.

         Anne Louise and her cousins soon went out to play together. They exchanged presents and talked a lot trying to catch up as much as they could. At night they were all really tired and decided to get ready to go to sleep. Anne Louise helped her mother unpack her bags.

         Auntie Claire said now it was time for them to take a shower and go to sleep. Anne Louise’s cousins didn’t want to go because they wanted to play a bit more. Anne, instead, decided to go and take her shower. Her grandma switched on the shower and left the bathroom since Anne knew how to take a shower on her own. She was feeling quite comfortable and started to sing in the shower. She stayed there for about 20 minutes, but then her grandma opened the door and said:

         - Anne, you are taking too long in this shower! There is a lot of water being wasted!

         Anne was used to spending a lot of time in the shower, and found her grandma’s reaction quite strange. Her grandma then explained that we need to save water so that this resource will still be available in the future. If everyone takes quicker showers, we will have water available to drink in the future. In the shower, you can turn water on to get wet; turn off to lather up; then turn back on to rinse off. You can also repeat it when washing your hair.

         The conversation continued after the shower, since her grandma explained that we need to look after rivers by not polluting it, not throwing bin at it so we can have water forever. Anne Louise paid close attention to what her grandma thought her. She changed the way she took her shower and brushed her teeth!

         The weekend was really fun. When Anne Louise got back home, she told her dad and friends about it. She also encouraged them to save water and look after the rivers. She also talked to them about how difficult it would be to live without water and how important it is for our health and well-being. Anne Louise also talked to her mom’s employee so she could also save water when she did the washing and avoided running the tap.

         This was such a special trip because Anne Louise learned a lesson for life! She thought many people what she knew about water, and they also changed their behaviour helping to conserve the water of the planet.

         Second: please start a dialog with the children.

         You can ask them if they ever saw a river, a lake, a streamlet.

         Please talk to them about the importance of water for life in Earth. Nothing can replace water, since it is the only liquid that maintains nature alive.

         Please remember them tea, coffee or soft drinks don’t have the power to replace water. God created nature to maintain people, plants and animals alive and healthy.

           Please tell the children we need to respect the water by not dropping garbage in the rivers, since there are many fishes and plants that live there. They depend on the water to live, just like us.

           Please talk to the children about the importance of saving water now so that we can have access to it in the future. You can mention, for example, when they are brushing their teeth they can turn off the water until they are ready to rinse. The same can be done with the shower.

          Third - Activity 1: please bring brown paper to class and make a panel, together with the children, about the nature. Rivers, fishes, lakes, trees, plants, flowers and people could be drawn. We would suggest you give it the title: WATER=LIFE, for example.

         Activity 2: please distribute to each child the drawing of the character Anne Louise, to make it easier for the children to relate to the story.

         Suggested drawing.

         Closing Prayer

Spiritist Teacher: Amália, Carina and Mara.
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, Sir William Crookes Spiritist Society linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies.

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