Guardian angel or Guardian angels

Greetings and Opening Prayer

Obs.: the spiritist teacher should deepen the class according to the children’s maturity.

First: tell the children the story "HELP FROM THE SKIES" (adapted), which is about guardian angels, taken from the site


Once there was a girl returning home by bicycle. She had long and bony legs, curly hair and cheeks covered in freckles.

She looked quite distracted; she was thinking about what her mother was preparing for dinner. Once she turned around the corner, a car came along with two youths inside.

She thought these were her brothers’ friends. The one who was in the passenger seat leaned out the window towards her.

He had long hair and looked like her brother Michael.

He smiled and asked if she wanted a ride home.

No thanks – she responded. - I live right there, around the corner. I'm almost there.

He insisted, Come. It'll be fun. Come take a ride with us.

She looked around. There was nobody. No cars going by. The street was empty.

She began to feel a malaise, but could not move. She seemed to be hypnotised.

She then heard a voice in her ear. Or at least, she thought it was in her ear.
Run! Get out.

Pictures of her house began to flicker in the mind of the 11 year old girl.

She awake from the paralysis that fear had caused her and pedalled as fast as she could towards her house.

The car pulled away in the opposite direction.

She came home with chest pain, having held her breath for a long time and pedalled really hard.

She ran into her mother’s arms trembling still, telling her what happened.

Unfortunately, like many parents, she didn’t give much importance to what had been an attempted of children kidnapping.

But the voice command saved the girl.

The episode deeply marked her. More than twenty years have passed since that event, but she recalls the scene in every detail.

That day, she recalls having promised herself that she would do something to protect children from abusers when she grew up.

She was not sure how, but knew that one day she would dedicate herself to this cause.

She thought to become a lawyer and then a judge. She wanted to deliver harsh sentences to people who abused children.

Once she was an adult, she helped create a system to alert child abduction in Arizona, where she resides.

But the great certainty is on that frightening that day she had an angel on her shoulder.

The angel protected her that afternoon as she says, but also put her on the path of what she should do in adulthood.

She is gratified with the work she does, which involves tracing profiles of criminals for the police and assisting in the capture of kidnappers.

She is also happy when her words can ease the pain of a victim’s relatives; removing weight from their hearts.

* * *

Few of us realize how much protection we have in our daily lives. This is because the protection is subtle.

Ideas sprout like an intuition and are often credited to ourselves.

Cross the street. Follow that path. Look back.

Sometimes the assistance is provided through the interference of a happy family member, friend or even a stranger.

Someone comes and offers us something. Someone passes by and rescues us.

Think about it and be aware of the help heaven gives you every day, learning to listen with clarity and be thankful.

Text from Redação do Momento Espírita com base no chap. 3 from book "Não é preciso dizer adeus", Allison Dubois, ed. Sextante

Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, Sir William Crookes Spiritist Society linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies.

Second: talk to the children about these topics.

Who is our guardian angel? We don’t know his name; we call him Guardian Angel or protector spirit. He belongs to a higher order; that is, this Spirit is a friend more evolved than the incarnate one. He accompanies us from birth to death; often in the spiritual realm after death, or even through many physical existences. He is a disincarnate spirit intended by God to help us and give us good advice in this lifetime.

Suggestion: read The Spirits' Book by Allan Kardec - questions 489 and 492.

How does it look like? He has the human form; probably his shape will be of the physical body from his last reincarnation. He has no wings because there is no need for it. He might appear to someone who believes that angels have wings with wings (some religions believe this is true), but only to be recognized as a guardian angel.

How does our guardian angel come in contact with us? He speaks to us through intuition; an inner voice that gives us an idea on the path of righteousness. He can also manifest through the advice of a friend (remember that only a true friend gives advice for goodness), or through consolation received from a classroom colleague or from someone close to us. He can also manifest through reading, stories, among other ways.

He often communicates with us during the sleep of the physical body. Sometimes he can contact us even through something that looks like it was unexpected, a delay; but is something that happens for our own good. When something goes wrong, we must trust God’s goodness. Let’s not speak evil, complain or rebel. Let’s wait a bit because God always does the best, even if we do not understand at the time. We will later realize that it was also for our own good. The spiritist teacher may cite a true example that is of his/her knowledge and easy to understand by the children.

When can we communicate with our guardian angel? Through prayer; listen to his voice when he gives us good advice. And when can we pray? We can pray at anytime, anywhere. Our first thought of the day should be for our guardian angel, thanking him for agreeing to assist us in this life and asking for protection, for good advices and help that is needed on that day. The more good things we do, the more we become connected to him; he will be better able to assist us. When we go to sleep, it is also important to ask him to advise us during sleep, and to accompany us wherever we go in spirit during the sleep of the physical body.

Why do we have a guardian angel? Because of God’s goodness, every incarnate person has someone designated to give him/her good advices. The Guardian Angel will never tell us to fight, to speak evil, to lie, to respond with rudeness, or to harm someone because their advice is always towards goodness, to help us live Jesus’ teachings and evolve morally and spiritually. We must make good use of their advice and be aware of their voice, always thanking for the help received. Remember that the word angel means spiritual being.

Suggestion: read The Spirits' Book by Allan Kardec - questions 495.

Obs.: we looked for postcards and magazines pictures of people with their guardian angels. Take it for the children to look at these pictures.

Third - relaxation: encounter with the guardian angel. Explain that visualization is to imagine, seeing with the mind. Remind them this time they should not touch anything (ask for the children to place their materials aside in another place, so that nothing remains on the table). They should place their body in a comfortable position and close their eyes (they should not open their eyes during relaxation). Explain we will lead them through imagination to a beautiful place and they must rely on the spiritist teachers and do their parts, letting themselves be led, so that the activity gives the expected result.

The spiritist teacher should play a pretty mellow song, orchestrated and in low volume. Read slowly and calmly the relaxation suggested below. The spiritist teacher might gently ask after the visualisation who could see their guardian angel, or who felt a special emotion. Remind them that those who could not, with time and practice (through prayer, good attitudes, preparation for the sleep of the physical body, meditation, and visualization) that contact will become easier and more noticeable.


At this point, let's all close our eyes and go on doing and imagining what I'm saying...

Let's take a deep breath once... twice... feeling the air enter and exit our lungs... Once again, breathing deeply.

Now let's count to three.

One, feeling arms and legs relaxed ... Two, feeling belly, neck and head without any pressure ... Three, the whole body feeling relaxed and well.
Now imagine a beautiful place, full of plants and birds and a beautiful garden. See the trees, flowers and a lake with calm clean waters.
Now imagine you'll be sitting in a chair in this beautiful place. You are calm and quiet, listening to the birds and feeling the wind in your hair.

You're waiting for someone to arrive. Suddenly you feel a joy that invades you. You look and see that calm and serene look, that contagious smile. You recognize your guardian angel, your protector spirit.

Watching him, you feel enveloped in a hug filled with positive energy. You two sit and talk. His words are full of wisdom and love that invades your heart... You know he loves you and wants you to be well. This person follows you since before you were reincarnated; protecting you and giving you good advice.

He says you can talk to him whenever you want through prayer. He also says that he will continue advising you to follow the path of goodness. You're listening to everything very carefully. The conversation is quiet and still.

Before leaving, he gives you one last advice: advice for good, but only you know what it is. Right now you're listening to this advice...

Your guardian angel then says goodbye to you with a special hug and says he will always be with you, helping you.

You then see him walk away and note once again the place where you are: a beautiful garden. It was a very special meeting, but you must now return to the classroom.

Slowly, you will stretch out as I count from one to three. One, stretching your arms... Two, stretching the legs... Three, giving a big yawn... You're feeling good again and present in this classroom. You can open your eyes gently and stretch out again. Please give me a smile to say that all is well.

Fourth - activity: write down a prayer to your Guardian Angel.

Obs.: we normally collect these prayers and use them during the year as the opening prayer for our weekly classes.

Resources for the Spiritist Teacher: The Spirits' Book by Allan Kardec, Guardian angels, mentors, and guides – questions 489 a 521. The Gospel according to Spiritism, Chap. 28, To Guardian Angels and Protecting spirits.

Final Prayer

Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, Sir William Crookes Spiritist Society linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies.

Source: Seara do Mestre

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