In relation to the topic, Reincarnation, please mark one correct answer by "x"

  1. The objective of each existence is:

(     ) to find out we are nothing.
(     ) to go to eternal heaven or hell.
(     ) to progress spiritually, by developing virtues.
(     ) to suffer or to try to be happy.

2– Is it possible to reach perfection in only one incarnation?

 (     ) Yes
 (     ) No
 (     ) I don’t know

3– How can we make the most of our incarnation?

 (      ) to work as least as possible.
 (      ) to earn a lot of money to do everything I want to, without reflecting on the consequences.
 (      ) by learning continuously and correcting our imperfections.
 (      ) to take advantage on all situations, no matter what or how.

  1. What does it mean to reincarnate?

(     ) the resurrection of the body.
(     ) the spirit will be born again in a new physical body.

5– Will all incarnations happen in planet Earth?

(     ) No, we will reincarnate in different worlds.
(     ) Yes, we will stay here until we reach perfection.

6– Can we recall our previous incarnations as disincarnate spirits?

(     ) yes, we will be able to recall as long as it is constructive and we deserve to get to know these previous incarnations
(     ) no, we will never remember
(     ) I don’t know

7– Why do we forget our previous existences?

(      ) because our memory is weak
(      ) because the memory of the past would confuse our progress in this incarnation
(      ) because it is so
(      ) I don’t know

8– Do we always live in the same way in each incarnation?

(      ) yes, because we are the same beings; we never change.
(      ) we go through different experiences of life and modify our way of being as time goes on.

9– What will we be when we reach perfection?

(      ) pure and happy spirits; full of love and peace
(      ) we will just be a bit happier than we are here in Earth

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