God's love and wisdom

Opening Prayer

First: Please start the lesson with the game ‘Who am I?’ This game is a great ice breaker games for the first time a new group of kids gather together.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThe spiritist teacher should draw the pictures or go through old magazines or calendars and cut out pictures of objects, or print them from a clip art file. You should then fix the pictures at the panel with tape and build up a landscape.

1 – Everyone likes me. I can be warm, hot, cold or freezing. No one leaves without me. I can be located in a jar, in a glass, in nature or in the freezer. Who am I? WATER

2 – I am really big; I shine a lot. I don’t need water. I don’t need legs, but I walk everywhere. I enjoy the yellow colour; sometimes the orange colour. I come out on the day; at night I hide. Who am I? SUN.

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3 – My home is the water. I can be quite small or really big. I have different colours and names. I can be wild or decorate your house. Who am I? FISH.

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4 – I enjoy the land. When I am born, I become a green carpet; really beautiful to lie down at. Some animals use me as their aliment. Who am I? GRASS.
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5 – I have many branches, I am beautiful, and I give you flowers and fruits. Who am I? TREE.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic   6 – I am smell nicely and I am very beautiful. I need good soil, water and sun to survive. Who am I? FLOWER.

 7 – I have got a beak, two wings and I sing. Who am I? BIRD.

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 8 – I am born as a larva, I leave in a boll, but I transform myself to be able to fly. Who am I? BUTTERFLY.
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9 – I love to fly and work. When I get scared, I sting. I produce something really sweet. It’s so good to eat it with bread! Who am I? BEE.

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 10 – I am born, grow up, die and reborn again. My spirit will always continue to be alive. Sometimes I look after nature; sometimes I don’t. I have good tendencies and bad tendencies which I need to improve on. I am always evolving and learning. Who am I? HUMAN BEING. SER HUMANO.
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Second: Once they get some idea of what is the landscape, then they can ask about details. Please ask the children if they liked it; if there is anything else they would like to add. Please check if the children realise clouds could be added to it, to make the landscape more beautiful.
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  Third: Please ask the children if they enjoy playing with water, in the rain, bathing in the sun, listening to the birds, laying in the grass, eating honey and fishing. Please also ask them who has realised butterflies are colourful and beautiful.

  Fourth: Please ask the children if it’s possible to live without any of these things. Do they need to pay to have access to all this?
Please talk to the children that God was the one who have us these presents and why. Nature’s wonderful things were a present from God, who is wise and loves us very much. Please explain to them that every creation has a Creator. God gives us access everyday to the sun, to the rain, to the plants and to the food without charging us anything. God has created us so we can progress spiritualy.

Please mention to them the things that human beings can create, by using nature resources (clothes, furniture and houses, for example).

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God is wise and good. His wisdom is revealed through His creations. God provide all necessary conditions of living to all beings. Everything He does is for our own good.

Firth: please ask the children to mention things they know that were created by God. God is the source of life; the origin of everything. The human being is the one who transforms it

Please find here a text suggested to be given to the children so they can glue it at their notebook:


God created the world we live in: the soil, the sky, the sun, the clouds, the stars, the water, the flowers, the sea, the rivers, the trees and the animals.

He created all these things so we can feel his love and make the world a good place to live.

We say God is our Father because He was the one who created human beings to learn to become good people.

God gave us our intelligence so we can live in this wonderful world and use the things He created wisely. He wanted us to make good use of the resources we have available, such as water and food.

The human being does many things by transforming nature, using the intelligence God has given him.

The human being created houses, cars, clothes, TV, airplanes and many other things.

God is very good to all of us. He created us and also a beautiful world.

         Sixth – Activity Number I: Memory game. These educational games aim to help children enrich their vocabulary while practicing their memory skills.

Memory game

         1 - The purpose of the game is to find pairs of images. Each time the game is played, the images are in a different order.

         2 – Please use colourful pieces of paper which should be of the same size. You can then glue or draw pictures of things that were created by God and things that were created by human beings.

         3 – Please start the game with the cards face-up. You should then explain to the children the cards will be placed face-down in an array front of the players. They will need to find matching pairs of cards, but also explain if picture is a creation of God or man (the cards’ pictures could be of animals, nature, buildings, the sun, clothes, people, cars...).

         4 - Continue until all the cards are out of the game. The winner will be the child who find the more number of pairs but also responds the question correctly.

         Obs.: for children who can read and write, you can also create a memory game with questions and answers. Each child could then read the question and then try to find the answer. It could also be created a memory game in which the teacher writes words in pairs and asks who the Creator is.

         Activity Number II: please distribute one A4 white sheet of paper to each child and ask them to draw colourful things that God created.

         Final Prayer 

         Source for the Spiritist Teacher: The Spirit´s Book – Book First – Causes Chapter I - 1. God and Infinity.
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, Sir William Crookes Spiritist Society linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies.
Source: Seara do Mestre

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