The Blessing of a Prayer

The day was beautiful and the sun shone bright. Joseph and Claude, both eleven years old, thought themselves very smart and capable of great adventures, like the ones they knew from books and movies. They decided to go for a hike and each placed a bottle of water and a sandwich in their backpacks, nothing else.
That morning, without telling anyone, they left home and met at the street corner, as agreed, both excited and happy.

They walked to the outskirts of the town then followed a dirt road that looked inviting to them.
Leafy trees shaded the road keeping a pleasant temperature.
Joseph and Claude felt like true trailblazers.
At a certain point, the trees were getting further and further apart until there was none, and the temperature changed, becoming much hotter, but they kept on going strong.
After some time, tired and indecisive, they stopped where the road split. Which path to take? They sat down while they tried to solve the issue. Claude felt thirsty, opened his bag and saw that his water bottle was empty. He had forgotten he had drunk all the water, so he asked Joseph to give him a sip of his, but Joseph replied:
- I can't! I have also already drunk it all! ...
With dry mouths, both regretted not having been more prescient, reserving some water for later.
- Well then, we must find a creek. Which way should we go?
But there was no agreeing. Joseph wanted to follow the right path and Claude the left one. So, they decided to follow each one a different path. The one who found water first would come back to tell the other.
Joseph remembered to say a prayer, but Claude disagreed, saying it was silly to waste that kind of time. Determined, he followed his chosen path.
So Joseph said the prayer by himself:
- Lord, help me! Indicate to me the right way! We are tired and thirsty, we need to find water otherwise I do not know what will become of us. I did not tell my mother, who should be worried, and I regret it. If something happens to us, no one will know where we are! Protect us, Lord! ...
After that prayer, Joseph continued decided to go right. And so he did. Later on, he heard the murmur of a stream and, happy, quickened his pace. Soon, through the trees, he found the creek that ran through the rocks.
- Thank you, Jesus, for Your help!
He bent down and drank the water with his hands, then filled the bottle and pleased with his find he returned as they had agreed. Coming back to the fork, he followed the path that Claude had taken.
However, he felt tired and could not find his friend.
Worried, Joseph sat down to rest a little, when he heard a cry. Immediately, he got up and began to look for it, while shouting:
- Claude! Claude! Is it you?
Then he heard a muffled voice that said:
- Help! I fell in a hole! ...
Joseph began to follow the voice and eventually found his friend, who had fallen into a trap. Getting close to the edge, Joseph asked him if he was okay.
- Yes, but I feel a lot of pain in the arm and I think my leg is broken!
Joseph threw his water bottle to him, warning:
- Drink just a little! We do not know when we will get out of here.
Then he talked a bit with Claude to keep him calm, but thought to himself:
- What to do? The road seems deserted and I need to get my friend out of there. We did not bring a phone, because we did not want anyone to find us and now I regret it.
Again, he turned to prayer:
- Dear Jesus! Allow someone to help us. I know that we acted badly, but I'm sorry. I understand now that our parents are our best friends and that they must be worried about us! Help us, dear Master!
After some time, a farmer approached and seeing the boy, asked:
- What are you doing here, boy, so far from the town?
Joseph opened his eyes and smiled, relieved:
- Thank God you came! My friend fell in a hole and I do not know how to get him out of there!
The farmer approached the hole and examining it, said.
- It's not difficult.
He asked Claude to stand up and stretch out his arm and the boy obeyed. Then the man laid down by the edge of the hole and with his long arms grabbed the boy tightly, pulling him up.
 Soon Claude was sitting on the grass and crying in a lot of pain. The farmer noted that his leg and arm were hurt. So, as he lived nearby, he went home and called an ambulance, because Claude needed a doctor. Not long after, the ambulance arrived and took Claude to the hospital.
It was with immense relief that their parents went to the hospital, after hearing that Claude was hurt. Nonetheless, the boys were okay and that was what mattered, for the parents had searched everywhere without finding them and no longer knew what to do. Even the police had been contacted! ...
The boys thanked the help of the farmer and told their parents they were sorry they left without telling them. Joseph concluded:
- We're only here now because I prayed asking Jesus to help us. So I would like to say a prayer now to thank Him for the help received.
And at that moment they raised their thoughts to Jesus in gratitude for the blessings He had provided.

(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 17/9/2012.)
Translation: Johnny Silveira -
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