The Birthday Dress

Célia Xavier de Camargo
Angela, aged six, was very worried about her grandmother Charlotte, the mother of her mother, who lived in a seaside town far away from her.

By chance, she had heard a comment that her grandmother Charlotte was very sick and the doctor was concerned about the state of her health.

Maybe she would need to have surgery. So, distraught, she asked her father

- Daddy, what's happening with Grandma Charlotte?
Will she die?

- No, my daughter, of course not! Besides, you have learned that nobody dies, they only get to change life, isn't it? - his father said, reassuring her.
- It's true. But is she really sick?

Without meaning to, I heard you talking and I realized that my mother is very sad.
I love grandma and want to know what she has!

Ruben, noting how concerned the girl was, sat in a chair, pulled her to him, hugging her fondly, and told her with sincerity:

- Look, honey, you're a mature girl for your age and I think you will understand.

The truth is that we do not know what your grandmother has.

The doctor has not yet reached a conclusion about the state of her health.

He paused, and before the girl's expression of sorrow, continued:

- However, Jesus teaches us that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we will achieve everything we want.
And the Spiritist Doctrine tells us about the power of thought.
Thus, nothing is impossible for he who believes.

Therefore, pray and ask Jesus to help your grandmother. Got it?

- Got it, Dad. I will pray every night asking Jesus to heal grandma.
And little Angela, that night, before bed, raised her thoughts to Jesus praying like never before.She remembered the lessons she had received in the Evangelisation classes at the Spiritist Centre and that spoke of the value of positive thinking.

She learned, too, that when sleeping, the Spirit breaks loose from the body and goes wherever it wants.
Then, she implored to the Master to allow her to see Grandma Charlotte; she missed her very much and wanted to learn about her health.

Angela fell asleep and dreamed.
She dreamed that she arrived at her grandmother's house.
The kind lady smiled and opened her arms to receive her granddaughter.

- Angela! What a pleasure to see you, my dear. Enter!
They talked a lot. Angela enjoyed her grandma and her beautiful garden filled with mango trees, orange trees and blackcurrant trees. They walked under the trees holding hands, as the breeze swung the green leaves.
Remembering what brought her there, Angela asked:

- Grandma, I know you are sick and we are very worried!

- Do not worry, my dear, I'm fine.
I had new tests done and everything is fine.

Stay calm. I'll even finish making a dress that I started. Want to see?
Curious, Angela followed her grandmother and actually saw on the sewing machine, a nice dress almost done.
-What a beautiful dress, Grandma!

- It's for you! I intend to take it with me when I go to your birthday party. I wanted to make it a surprise, but now you know.

- That's OK, Grandma. I am glad to hear that you are healthy. It was worth coming - the girl said, hugging her grandmother happily.

The girl saw nothing else.

She woke up the next morning happy and in good disposition

. She got ready to go to school and when she was sitting down having her breakfast, she remembered the dream.
- Mama! Last night I dreamed about Grandma Charlotte!

Wilma exchanged a worried look with her husband.
- And how is she?
- She is great! We talked a lot. She told me she did further tests and the results were better than what the doctor expected.

- But how do you know these things?

- Didn't I just tell you I went to Grandma Charlotte's?
Angela's father assured her that he believed her. The mother, however, was perplexed. The girl continued:
- And there is more. Grandma is making a pretty dress for me! All in blue, pink and white. It'll be a beauty! ...

Fearing that her daughter could get disappointed, the mother said:
- Angela, I know you love your grandmother, but it was only a dream! Do not wait for a dress that will not come, my daughter.

- But it will come! It is true, Mum. I told you that I went to visit her! You can even call Grandma, if you want.

To clarify any doubts, Wilma called her mother and got confirmation of what Angela said. When the call ended, extremely frightened, she looked at her daughter:

- Yes, my daughter. You were there! ...

- Sure! Don't you know it can happen, Mum? I learned it from the Evangelisation teacher that when we sleep, our Spirit goes anywhere it wants!

And when Grandpa Francis and Grandma Charlotte came to Angela's birthday, it was anxiously that the girl opened the well wrapped package. She held the dress in her hands and confirmed, proudly:
- It's exactly the way I was expecting! Thank you, Grandma!

Aunt Celia
(Auteure : Célia Xavier de Camargo ; Traduction: Márcia Kempf)
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