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Europe Commission Education of Children’s, Youth and Family Spiritist Education
Spiritist Council International - Europe Coordinator

Occurred on the 18th and 19th of February 2012 in Stuttgart, Germany, the * 2nd European Meeting of Evangelists and Workers of evangelization for children and youth. On the occasion, by decision of all participants and representatives of all countries, was established a Coordinating Committee activities in Europe in the area of Education for Children, Youth and Family, whose overall coordination is the responsibility of Milena Alborghetti (Italy) and Claudia Werdine (Spain). On occasion was also named Arlete.
The main objective of this Committee is to promote and stimulate the deployment, implementation and integration of Spiritist Education for Children, Youth and Family in Spiritist Centers in Europe.

It is noteworthy that, at the request of the countries, the word "evangelization" was replaced by "spiritist education."
At the time of the creation of the Commission, was also prepared an initial list of targets. Aiming to organize and coordinate more efficiently, with quality and safety of these goals, the Commission decided to create a Work Plan for the Spiritist European Movement - Area for Children, Youth and Families, with reference to the work plan for the Brazilian Spiritist Movement established by DIJ - Department of Children and Youth of Brazilian Spiritist Federation.
a)     The liability of the Spiritist Movement spread the Spiritist Doctrine through its study, dissemination and practice, placing it within the reach of everyone, without distinction;

b)     The search for the full achievement of the objectives of Spiritist Education for Children and the youth, to know:

• Promoting the integration of the child / young person with oneself, with others and with God;

• Providing the study of the natural law that governs the universe and the "nature, origin and destiny of Spirits and its relations with the material world" (Allan Kardec, What is Spiritism, Preamble) and

• Give the child / young person the opportunity to perceive themselves as integral being, critical, conscious, participatory, heir of himself, a citizen of the universe, an agent of transformation of their environment, towards perfection all that is susceptible. (Curriculum for Schools of Spiritist Evangelization for Children and Youth, Feb, 4th edition, 2006).
c)      The adequate preparation of educators to ensure the doctrinal care, pedagogical, administrative and relational that should permeate the practice of Spiritist Education with children, young people and families;

d)     The relevant family support through their responsibility to lead the path of rectitude (The Spirits' Book, issue 582) children and young people entrusted to their tutelage by God;

e)     The importance of planning and evaluation of activities aimed at educators achieve the goals of Spiritist Education for Children and the Youth;

f)       The task of integrating education with the other areas and activities developed by the Spiritist Institutions.

The Work Plan designed by the European Commission Education suggests that work is developed with a focus on Childhood, Youth and Family in through actions with educators, leaders of Spiritist Institutions and other workers, covering Federations, from following guidelines:

1. Campaign for dissemination of Spiritist Education for Children, Youth and Family
Must be due to the Commission together with the Federations, offer the Spiritist Movement resources (ideas, models...) to deploy and implement the Spiritist Education Campaign, clarifying leaders, parents, guardians and educators about the importance of this activity together with the minds of children and youth.
Expected Results:
• Leaders, parents and evangelizers sensitized to serving children and youth;
• Increased commitment to the quality of Spiritist Education activities;
• Increased family integration, providing a living in the home with bases in love, respect and unity;
• more space in the activities of the Spiritist Center for the care of children, young people and families.

2. Organizations and Functioning of Spiritist Education in Federations and Spiritist Centers
It should be a function of the Commission to assist Federations and Spiritist Centers in creating the DIJ, its organization and functioning based on the realities and needs of each institution and targeting, through a plan developed with the participation of all workers in the Spiritist Center (Federation), go creating the conditions for carrying out the activities of Spiritist Education of new generations, as well as harmony in the family.

3. Training of Workers for the Spiritist Education
Training of teachers in view of the Spirits:
"Devoting attention to constant improvement of educational processes..." André Luiz
"It's just that the evangelist should study and review, as possible, all the teachings of Truth garnering ways to uncover paths of spiritual liberation for those coming closer to the kind heart." Bezerra de Menezes
"That ever neglect of educational improvement, enlarging, their teaching skills so they do not weaken promising seeds before the soil conditions, the inadequacy of methods and techniques of teaching, immaturity of content, the ineffectiveness of planning." Guillon Ribeiro
Must be due to the Commission together with the Federations to promote courses (classroom or online), seminars, and meetings... aimed at training spiritist educators in the didactic-pedagogical aspects and doctrinaire, aiming to prepare and improve their performance in classes and activities with parents.
To better facilitate the work of educators, the Commission created a database to store material in multiple languages ​​to be used as source for educators, if necessary, once again, the partnership with Federations for the collection and translation of these materials. The Database and creation of this blog are the responsibility of Arlete Lanzlinger, Switzerland and the blog will be managed by Daniane Bornea Friedl, Vienna - Austria.
Milena Alborguetti e Claudia Werdine
Coordinator for the Europe Commission Education of Children’s, Youth and Family Spiritist Education – CEI

* 1st European Meeting of Evangelizers occurred in Horn, Netherlands, on the 22nd and the 23rd of September 2006.
“What shall I do Lord?” (Paulo de Tarso, Acts 22.1.16)
“ And now, What are you waiting for?” (Acts 22.16)
I Press on towards the goal” ( Philippians, 3.14)
Let us go to the target!!!
Sources: VI National Meeting of DIJ Directors, Feb (July 2012)
                                      Work Plan for the Brazilian Spiritist Movement - Children and Youth Area, Feb - 2012/2017

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